Kick Press Machine vs. Hand Press for Applying Rivets and Spots?

by Denise Margart.
(Mount Shasta, CA)

Kick Press Machine vs. Hand Press for Applying Rivets and Spots - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I have questions about using a kick press machine vs. a hand press to set decorative rivets and spots in leather.

Which would be better for designing with small and intricate rivets/spots, and which type would be best for setting hardware really close together without crushing the hardware next to it?

I make leather bracelets and cuffs using studs, spots and other hardware for my designs.

I have been setting my hardware by hand, and it is proving to NOT be very cost effective;-)

Takes a loooooong time!

I have been looking at press machines, and can’t seem to find one with die sets which will allow me to set hardware 1/2mm apart.

Does anyone know where I can have custom dies made, and which machine would work best for this type of jewelry design?

Thank you!

Denise Margart

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