Jewelry Making in “the zone” Reduces Stress

by Janine Gerade.
(Holliston, Massachusetts USA)

In this busy world of texting, deadlines, bills, kids, appointments how do we unwind?

Jewelry Making in "the zone" Reduces Stress 1

There have been studies that show sitting down to a quiet craft can help.

I find that when I am doing repetitive steps or concentrating on a beading pattern I wind up in the “zone”.  The “zone” is when your mind quiets down, all background noise fades away; you’re concentrating at the task at hand and time seems to fly by.

Labor intensive jewelry doesn't scare me anymore when I am relaxed

Labor intensive jewelry doesn’t scare me anymore when I am relaxed

I used to notice this at college. I was majoring in Graphic Design. When I was creating artwork on the computer, before I realized it, our 3 hour studio class was over!

I find this quiet time in the zone calmed the noise in my head. Things like the never ending to- do list, the “shoulda” and “what-ifs”.

You don’t need to be an expert in jewelry making to get the calming effects. A simple patten of bead weaving, bending a few wires to make earrings, and even organizing beads into bins can calm the mind.

Definitely in the "Zone" when I made this one...

Definitely in the “Zone” when I made this one…

One of my favorite classes to teach is the wrap bracelet. It can be a knotted or bead woven project with the same goal. To make a gorgeous bracelet that wraps a few times around the wrist. This project is a bit long, because you have to make a longer bracelet to wrap around. During this process some of my students get either really “quiet” or chit- chat and get to know each other.

My studio where I teach

My studio where I teach

This is the main reason people still love to take classes rather than just learn from a video online. Another reason is that there is someone there to answer your questions or if you get stuck, to help you out.

Janine Gerade
janinedesign jewelry at Etsy

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  1. I totally understand the wonderful stress relieving properties of completely immersing oneself in a craft. I know that when I’m stressed out, I reach for my jewelry making supplies and if I’m inspired, I’ll be zoned out for hours. Everyone should do something with their hands to stop the noise, hectic surroundings, and stress of everyday life.

  2. I’m with you. Jewelry making is relaxing for me. I have an earring design that requires 48 3mm beads to be wire wrapped. It is my zone item.

  3. I love “the zone” too, Janine! Some of my best creativity has happened when I’m in that state. Everything else just melts away and hours fly by. I enter that deep creative concentration zone while making jewelry, writing, and other creative activities.

    Your teaching studio looks so inviting, and lots of great lighting there. Also – gorgeous jewelry photography in this post! And I love the touch of the textured button closure on the bracelet in photo 3.

  4. I too zone out when beading– I work mainly with seed beads and hours go by before I realize I have not eaten and not hungry. That is why I know that it is a gift from The Creator and I am just his hands doing the work.

  5. Ditto. I get so zoned when working on a design that I forget to eat, and all of a sudden it’s 3:00 in the afternoon. I don’t get hungry either. And I have had a great time creating beautiful jewelry!

  6. Lorelei56 says:

    Working out jewelry designs generates some kind of great endorphins in my brain. It’s almost like a relaxing meditation, with a nice piece of jewelry as a bonus at the end.

  7. I make photo jewelry, and taking the photographs that I feature on my jewelry makes me feel very much alive, even exuberant at times. Creating the jewelry, and most especially doing the resin work part of it, which requires a lot of focus and attention to detail, forces me to slow down and quiets my mind. It’s so nice to feel peace and calm. I’m glad to know that other people share the same experience!

  8. Kathleen Langone says:

    I agree with all that jewelry is very relaxing and puts me in a very creative and focused “zone”. I have a friend at work who designs jewelry also … and we both share stories of going home all “in knots” from work, but we get those creative thoughts flows – and the stress just dissipates. I will also add that I play Pandora radio (a few different new age stations) that enhances my “zone”. Thanks Janine for posting this … I’m not too far from you living in eastern Mass.

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