Jewelry Displays for Gallery Showing

by Susan Anderson.
I am currently showing my mixed media artwork and jewelry for the month at a local gallery. Hanging wall art is easy, but displaying jewelry presented some challenges.

Wall Display from Old Shade

Wall Display from Old Shade

For the show, a few different types of displays were needed- wall, shelf and table, all done in an earthy tone to match the style of the jewelry.

For the wall I wanted something that would showcase my jewelry in an interesting, eye catching way. It needed to be easy for people to view as many pieces as possible but also simple in the way they could examine each item, and take it with them if they decided to buy.

Mat Board Necklace Displays

Mat Board Necklace Displays

After brainstorming a number of different ideas, I decided to use an old wooden shade, purchased for pennies at the thrift store. My friend Wendy came up with the idea of using clothespins secured to the shade, genius! Each clothespin was wired to the shade, the jewelry was clipped to a pin, making it a cinch for people to remove and put back. A hit of the show’s opening.

A color coded pricing system is used. Bracelets, pendants and earrings each have 4 color codes with prices, the necklaces have five. If prices need altering , it just required changing the coding not individual items, saving a huge amount of time.

Trellis Standing Necklace Display

Trellis Standing Necklace Display

Wall necklace displays were made from mat board. Each board contains my business name, two holes were punched toward the top, wire was fed through from front to back so it could hang. The wire was spiraled in front to keep it in place. Clothespins added to the top allowed the necklaces to be hung.

A standing necklace display was made from 2 trellises hinged together. This was a $3 garage sale bargain. Nails were placed in each opening to hang necklaces. The top was wired in places and more jewelry was hung. The entire system holds many pieces. Eventually it will be backed with black fabric.

Shelf Display

Shelf Display

For the shelf display, necklace busts partially covered in burlap were used, an old leather case held pendants, and jewelry was scattered on the shelf. The table display, not shown, has old wooden boxes and cases used to hold jewelry.

It was fun to be challenged in a different way to come up with something unique from my usual table displays.

Susan Anderson
Earthy By Design
Earthy By Design Etsy Shop

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  1. Great thrift ideas for displaying your jewelry, Susan – and it all works so well with your Earth by Design essence. I especially like the partially burlap-covered jewelry busts – it gives them a natural / dramatic look. And aren’t clothespins handy for so many things? They work wonderfully with your displays and jewelry. Thanks for sharing your gallery showing with us!

  2. Kathie L says:

    Your displays are beautiful! I would spend a lot of time at your booth because it is so eye-catching, creative and beautiful! Your use of earthy effects is superior! Beautiful jewelry artistry, as well!

  3. I love your ideas! How did you hang the shade and the mat board on the wall? Have you used these at other shows where there was no wall to hang them on? How did you hang them there?

  4. Beautiful displays! Inspires me to start doing shows again. 🙂

  5. …..And that mirror right in the center. Just perfect yo catch the eye of passers by. I think it all looks wonderful.

  6. Thank you everyone for the feedback!

    Jane- I wired the mat board by running wire through 2 holes at the top, from front to back, so they could hang on nails on the wall.

    For the shade, the spaces between the slats were just big enough to be able to hammer nails through to attach it to the wall, we did this in several places at the top and bottom.

    This was the first time I used this system. I would like to use it when I do outdoor shows since it enables people to see so many pieces easily. What I was thinking was to have my hubby make a thin wooden frame that is joined in the corners with a peg and hole that could be taken apart, sorry don’t know what you call that technique, but it would make transporting and assembling easy. The shade just rolls up and the frame would be 4 separate flat pieces for transport.

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