How Do I Start a Beading Group?

by Fran.

question-mark-006I was wondering if you had any suggestions for starting a beading (jewelry makers) group?

I can’t seem to find anything on the web.

I am an instructor at Joann Fabrics and some of my students want to get together and exchange ideas. Any suggestions?


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  1. Hi Fran, you might have an initial meeting to discuss what kinds of projects the participants want to make, or what techniques they want to learn.

    Also, how often will you meet, and where? Will there be refreshments, coffee, wine, a potluck meal?

    Ideas for your meetings:
    – Everyone could bring a finished or in-progress jewelry project, or some new supplies for a “show and tell”.

    – Everyone could create something from the same tutorial.

    – The group could pool jewelry supply orders so everyone can get better prices on supplies.

    – Have a bead / component exchange, where members can trade some components with each other.

    – Go together to a bead / gem show.

    – Share / exchange jewelry making books or magazines.

    – Have members take turns coming up with the “program” for the meeting.

  2. PhyllisC says:

    Make up some flyers showing your name, contact information(not home address), and what you are going to do. Give to your friends-send an email to everyone you know, see if JoAnn’s would allow you to give out some flyers at the store. If you have a Michaels, Hobby Lobby or any other type of Craft store; make up some flyers for them too, approach the manager and ask about handing out flyers or putting them in their jewelry dept or at checkouts( good for business, added benefit of buying more jewelry supplies etc) If you have Facebook or Twitter, send out notice of “New Beading Group” in your post(s) and give information to contact you.
    When you are out and see someone with nice beaded jewelry on, ask them if they made it ( seriously- people Love to be complimented!). If they did, tell them about your possible new group and give a flyer ( lol, remember to take flyers with you 🙂 ) If they didn’t make it, still let them know about your new beading group, and the possibility they could “learn” to make jewelry too.
    Keep it short and sweet, and followup ( either way) with ANYONE who does contact you.

    Arrange to have your first meeting ( at least) in a very public place, especially if you have people respond from your flyer. and keep it short(hour or less). I wouldn’t go to a lot of expense(s), but depending on your turnout, you might need more chairs.
    When you meet, keep it very casual and friendly, get suggestions from everyone, and set a time and place for next meeting. If you want to rotate from home to home, that is one way, or if you have a club house, or maybe if JoAnn’s would let you borrow their classroom one afternoon a month or charge just a nominal fee (I teach at Michael’s and they will do it, if the classroom isn’t already booked). It is Very Good advertising for them, and if people need beads, tools, supplies, findings, storage boxes, they are “right there” to get them right away! Always charge a little bit, to offset any expenses, (like the room, or coffee, or whatever,) and make certain everyone leaves everything better than the condition they found it.
    Setting up a new group takes a bit of time, but should be well worth the effort. I find it fun, informative and learn something every time.

  3. Vicki Landtiser says:

    There may already be a BEAD Society Club in your area. If you live near a larger city, many have Bead Societies already established that you and your friends could join. Here in Kansas City, our group meets once a month, helps put on Bead Shows, teach each other stitches, techniques, etc. Here is a link to their website which will give you ideas of how it is structured:

  4. Hello Fellow Jewelry Creators,
    I just wanted to say thank you very much for your ideas. This is my very first post ANYWHERE and I’m happy to see your responses. You all have given such wonderful and useful suggestions. I printed each one to keep for reference.
    Happy Creating,

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