Custom Designed for Eclectic Tastes & Physical Challenges

by Gloria.
(Ohio USA )

Soft and Dreamy Initial Necklace

Soft and Dreamy Initial Necklace

The first requirement for this necklace was it had to be easy on and off, so it had to be clasp-free. Then it needed to be a soft texture around the neck and in soft creamy, dreamy colors.

Add to that, a look of old and new in one complete look. The wearer has dexterity issues and enjoys an eclectic jewelry wardrobe.

Moveable Charms

Moveable Charms

With all of those requirements guiding me, I used some re-purposed trim (blue) along with the soft purple cording to make it easy on and off over the head. Some chain and charms completed the look. Originally I used ribbon for the length around the neck, but found the trim and soft mesh cording was the better choice for this lady.

Swirls of Softness

Swirls of Softness

Thinking outside of the box, making color choices that were not my first choice, but learning that the end result could still be pleasing was a good lesson in necklace making.

Thanks for letting me share this work with you. When I see the Jewelry Making Journal newsletter in my inbox, I save it to savor it!

New End Studio

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  1. Gloria, thank you for your lovely compliment on the JMJ newsletter! And thanks for sharing this interesting custom necklace project. Customers can send us on fascinating paths of discovery we’d never imagine otherwise! I love how this necklace turned out – the soft dreamy cord colors are perfect with the “C” cameo, and the overall effect beautifully fulfills her request for old and new. I’m sure she will treasure this piece! 🙂

  2. Rena, thanks so much for letting me contribute to the Jewelry Gallery. It’s my honor to share since I enjoy reading and learning from everyone else who contributes, not least of all, from you. What a treat to be included! Thanks for the kind words and my regards to all who work with you on the newsletter and website.

  3. This necklace is beautiful! It has just the right amount of components that lend a vintage look while still making a contemporary statement. The mixture of chain and cord is an effective way to make it comfortable to wear and easy to take on and off. Go Gloria!

  4. Debbie, you described it beautifully. I did try for a vintagey look, but not too old fashioned. Thanks for the kind words, appreciate you.

  5. I love Gloria’s jewellery! She does think outside of the box! This necklace is so pretty! I love it! Well done Gloria ;o)

  6. Thanks so much, Stacy. I’m still learning, so your words mean a lot. I appreciate you!

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