Bullet Shell Jewelry for Men

by Virginia L Vivier.
(Sunny & Warm Tucson, Arizona USA)

Custom Bullet Shell Ring

Custom Bullet Shell Ring

My neighbor gives me all his “spent” bullet shells and I like to make something with them. I cut the end off of the bullet shell, drill a hole in the side and then wrap sterling silver wire around the shell. Guys really go for this ring. It’s chunky and comfortable.

Recycled Bullet Shell Bracelet

Recycled Bullet Shell Bracelet

I’m not a “gun” person, and in light of recent events, I don’t make a big deal out of bullet shell jewelry, but I get continuous requests from Sport Hunters who bagged their first deer and want to make something special with the spent bullet shell casing. They send it to me and I make a custom pendant, bracelet, or ring, using their spent shell.

Bullet Shell Cuff

Bullet Shell Cuff

Virginia L Vivier
Esprit Mystique
Esprit Mystique at Etsy

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  1. Honestly, while I’m not in love with the subject matter of these pieces, I am truly impressed with your design creativity and craftsmanship using them.
    And your customers must be thrilled to have such personal pieces.

  2. Just love these creative designs. Virginia is it possible to be shown how to make the stirling silver wire wrapped custom bullet shell ring please, I am just starting out into wire wrapping.

  3. Love the cuff and bracelet. I’ve made flower earrings from spent shells, unless some one is familiar with shells they don’t realize what the flowers are made from.

  4. Colleen Puglia says:

    I love seeing this!! I just spent my afternoon etching bullets and was trying to decide what to do with them. They’re so pretty!!

  5. I love the idea of the shell ring, great job, Very Creative,,, I have grandchildren that would love to have their Grandma make them a ring from their hunt. I would love to know how to make the ring , maybe Virginia can make a tutorial, Thank you for sharing,, Cheers Emilie

  6. Oooh yes, Virginia! I would love a tutorial for these items!

  7. Lovvvvvveeeee the bullet jewelry!!! Awesome work!

  8. Alicia says:

    I too am just starting out in wire wrapping. What size of wire and sturdy tools did you use. Beautiful artistry.

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