Bracelet Crazy During California Rain and Flooding

by Kathy Zee.
(Fiddletown, CA)

Green Faceted Glass and Pearl Beaded Bracelet by Kathy Zee  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Green faceted glass and pearl beaded bracelet

It has been raining so much in California.

For a few days roads were flooded.

So I wanted to make something that was easy, so I chose some bracelets.

I gathered beads that I felt would go together nicely.

Silver Turtle Link Bracelet by Kathy Zee  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Silver turtle link bracelet

Then I got carried away.

I started with beading wire with the green glass beads.

Then I made a turtle bracelet with links that I found at an online store.

Stretchy Bracelets with Glass Beads by Kathy Zee  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Stretchy bracelets out of glass beads

Then I made stretchy bracelets.

I did get carried away but I think the results were just fun and took my mind off the rain soaked and flooded roadways of Northern California.

The last ones I made were the bangles with seed beads and spacer metal beads.

Four Bangle and Beaded Friendship Bracelets by Kathy Zee  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Four bangle and beaded friendship bracelets

Kathy Zee
ZeeBlings by Kathy Zee

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  1. Wow – fabulous array of colors and styles here, Kathy! My favorites are your beaded friendship bangles in photo 4. Did you find that jewelry making was a perfect way to pass the time when you were housebound by the weather? I also found jewelry-making to be a good therapy during heavy rains that threatened to flood our previous house a few years ago.

  2. Catherine says:

    I love all of your braclets! I REALLY love the green and pearl one. Beautiful !

  3. Ricki Ayer says:

    What kind of elastic do you use for your stretch bracelets? I have had some bad experience with some elastic material – either stretching out of shape or just not being “sturdy enough”. Your bracelets are all lovely. I also find that a rainy gloomy day is a good time to get lost in my beads!!

  4. I use either Stretch Magic or Power Cord. The secret is to stretch it before you put your beads on. It will stretch about 4-5 inches when you do that. Then I tie it good and add a dab of glue to the knot. I also tell anyone who buys them not to stretch them. Roll them on, roll them off. I never have had one come back to me that broke. I think stretching the cord before stringing the beads and using the correct size for the beads you are using is key. Hope that helps.

  5. Kathleen,
    Thanks for the stretch bracelet hints!

  6. Linda Barton says:

    Good for you Kathy to get some great pieces done when you couldn’t go outside to play. I sat at my window looking at my seasonal stream to almost overflowing, here in Paradise. Should have gotten to work on my jewelry. 🙂

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