Blue Topaz Bezel Ring with Cutouts

by Raina Erwin.
(Morrisville, North Carolina USA)

Blue Topaz Bezel Ring with Cutouts

Blue Topaz Bezel Ring with Cutouts

I made this ring with a 3mm blue topaz, 4mm wide x 1mm thick sterling bar, and 16 gauge sterling wire (and a smidgen of 20 gauge sterling to go under the stone).

There are still faint tool marks inside and a few at the edges but overall I’m pleased.

It’s my first bezel setting, and I had to hammer 16 gauge wire flat to make the outside of the setting (I didn’t have any bezel wire or sheet silver to use).

The thin strip that I had on hand to make the band was too short to make the entire band, so I wrapped the setting between two pieces of wire to bridge the gap and soldered it to the ends of the strip (but the rest of the world doesn’t need to know that I was kluging it, lol!)

I used a square diamond file to shape the “cutouts” (really the places between the wire and the strip/bezel).

Of course I lost the ring that same night while rushing around the house trying to find some clothes for my stepkids! Arrgghh! :-@

At least I got the pictures before I lost it. Hopefully it will turn up soon.

Raina Erwin
Kiliari Designs


Love Blue Stone
by: Millie GotRocks

Your work is just beautiful, anyone would be happy to wear it! Good Job!

What I love about this ring……..
by: Maryanne Murphy

….is the beautiful setting that you made for a small stone. I happen to love (sky) blue topaz, which is relatively inexpensive. Your wonderful setting can make everyone feel like Midas to be able to afford even an Alexandrite gemstone set in this ring style. I think everyone could name their favorite gemstone and could afford to purchase it and have set to wear. Very inspiring!!…and I’m glad to know where to find you….I’ve got this 6mm Mexican Fire Opal…

Thank you!
by: Kiliari Designs

Thank you for your kind comments! I can’t wait to make my next ring. I’ve got a big order due before Valentines’ Day so I’ll have to wait till I complete that to experiment some more. But then I’m going to have some fun!

Maryanne, that Mexican fire opal sounds lovely! Isn’t it great to sit there with a gorgeous stone and start imagining all you can do with it? It’s the narrowing it down part that’s hard, LOL! If you’d like to brainstorm with me or have me look at some options for you drop me a note on my website and we’ll chat. I’d love to work with you!


Great Story!
by: SterlingCrystal

Thanks for sharing the story behind this ring. I’m just blown away that you attempted something you’ve never done before, adding your own improvisations – no bezel wire? I’ll create my own. Band not big enough? I’ll improvise with wire. That takes some skill. I’m sorry to hear that you lost the ring, how frustrating!

Sam Ryder

by: Joey

Your ring is wonderful, and running into snags never even slowed you down! You are very creative in your designs AND in your work.

I lose things all the time, and they do always turn up, so no doubt you’ll find the ring (if you haven’t already).


Thank you!
by: Kiliari

Thank you all for your kind comments! I’ve been working on a lot of rings lately, but I still haven’t found this one. :-/ And I have a lovely iolite *somewhere* on the floor under my bench…and it fell right about the time I got the setting exactly the way I wanted it… *sigh* Oh well, what can you do?

Thanks again and take care!

by: Lisa of WildGift Designs

I am so envious of your talent. You made due with what you had and it looks like you had all the right bits. What a lovely ring and I hope you find it.

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