Best Stretchy Cord for Jewelry?

by Elizabeth Wald.

Best Stretchy Cord for Jewelry?  Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I use Stretch Magic and it wears over time.

Which cord do you think is the best for .50mm?

Thank you.

Elizabeth Wald
Stones in Harmony

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  1. When using stretchy cord, it’s not a matter of if it will break but, when it will break.

  2. I use PowerCord when making stretchy bracelets. I have always used stretch magic. There are a few tips when using stretchy cord that will make your items last longer. Stretch the cord before you put on the beads. That way it won’t stretch when your customer wears it. Also tie a triple knot and use a dab of glue. Third, roll the bracelet on and off. Don’t stretch it on and off. I teach my customers to do that and I have never had one break with either cording.

  3. I agree with all of Kathy’s suggestions and can add: use the thickest cord that will go thru the bead holes: I use 1mm (Stretch Magic) for typical beads and .8mm (Elasticity) with designs that use small seed beads. (Precosia makes nice quality seed beads with consistent hole diameters). You typically can’t find .8mm in retail, I order online.

    For knotting, I do a square knot, then a “surgeon’s/square” hybrid. I use G-S Hypo cement, let it cure for 24 hrs., and scrape off the excess.

    Pre-stretching the cord is imperative and rolling the bracelet on and off should be practiced. Also keeping out of water, both salt and chlorinated.

  4. Mary O says:

    I recently found that Beadalon had a nice stretch cord and I have fallen in love with it. I use to use stretch magic from Hobby Lobby but I don’t care for that anymore.

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