Bead Embroidery for Brides & Masquerades

by Dianne Culbertson-Jacques.
(Windsor, Vermont USA)

Bead Embroidered Bridal Cuff

Bead Embroidered Bridal Cuff

When I began beading in 2007 I swore to myself I would never sew beads. It just seemed too tedious and complicated.

This February my daughter asked me to make a beaded mask for a birthday party she was having. Although I had never done any bead embroidery before but thought I would give it a try for her, she is truly a gem. I had a great time and a new addiction was born that day!

Beaded Mask

Beaded Mask

Here is my Bridal cuff, the 5th cuff I have made and I just love doing these. I prefer to put the focal piece on and go freeform rather than draw out a design. I have a brand new collection of cabs now just waiting! Very exciting! And this from someone who swore she would never sew beads!

Dianne Culbertson-Jacques

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  1. Sharon Solt says:

    absolutely stunning! Love the cuff…. maybe someday i will try this technique….

  2. Beautiful!!!! I wish I had the patience for bead embroidery.

  3. Violet says:

    Would love to own the bridal cuff. I have a pink beaded dress & the beads from that dress would be a perfect remembrance of my 25th wedding anniversary. Need to find someone like you to redo it for me.

  4. Would you mind sharing what you used for the base on the mask? I need to make a mask for an Oct.31st wedding and if I get started now, I might (might) finish by then! BTW, you’re is fabulous!

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