Bead Embroidery for Brides & Masquerades

by Dianne Culbertson-Jacques.
(Windsor, Vermont USA)

Bead Embroidered Bridal Cuff

Bead Embroidered Bridal Cuff

When I began beading in 2007 I swore to myself I would never sew beads. It just seemed too tedious and complicated.

This February my daughter asked me to make a beaded mask for a birthday party she was having. Although I had never done any bead embroidery before but thought I would give it a try for her, she is truly a gem. I had a great time and a new addiction was born that day!

Beaded Mask

Beaded Mask

Here is my Bridal cuff, the 5th cuff I have made and I just love doing these. I prefer to put the focal piece on and go freeform rather than draw out a design. I have a brand new collection of cabs now just waiting! Very exciting! And this from someone who swore she would never sew beads!

Dianne Culbertson-Jacques

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  • Sharon Solt says:

    absolutely stunning! Love the cuff…. maybe someday i will try this technique….

  • Debbie says:

    Beautiful!!!! I wish I had the patience for bead embroidery.

  • Violet says:

    Would love to own the bridal cuff. I have a pink beaded dress & the beads from that dress would be a perfect remembrance of my 25th wedding anniversary. Need to find someone like you to redo it for me.

  • Penelope says:

    Would you mind sharing what you used for the base on the mask? I need to make a mask for an Oct.31st wedding and if I get started now, I might (might) finish by then! BTW, you’re is fabulous!

  • Colleen says:

    WOW!!!! Beautiful work!! Love the wedding bracelet.

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