Beach Feet: Men’s Barefoot Sandal

by Jan Hansen.

Island Accent Men's Barefoot Sandal

Island Accent Men’s Barefoot Sandal

It was 2005 and Jewels by Jan had been handcrafting beaded foot jewelry for 2 years. It was about that time when we began receiving questions from men as to why we didn’t have a bottomless sandal for them.

Always up for a challenge, I set my sights on designing a barefoot sandal for men that would be made with masculine materials. No crystals or sparkly jewels – a manly-man sandal.

As I researched these materials I discovered that there were certain one’s that had masculine elements.

Tiger Eye beads, said to be symbols of inner strength and self confidence were one example. Beads of wood, gifts from nature itself and one of earth’s most majestic inhabitants was another. Together with a very earthy, grounding mineral called Bronzite, we coined this creation Island Accent.

Island Accent with Tiger Eye Medallion

Island Accent with Tiger Eye Medallion

As with all Jewels by Jan barefoot sandals, our “medallion in the middle”, is the centerpiece of each design. Our men’s sandal follows that same concept. We have changed the design slightly, using a Tiger Eye medallion but Island Accent, has been a very popular bottomless sandal for men.

It’s an excellent piece of jewelry for men in a beach wedding or, just to be worn at the beach. Regardless of where it’s worn, it’s an undeniably male piece of jewelry.

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  1. Looked at your web site, Jan, and discovered two things…we’re neighbors! I’m in the S.D. area, too. And I love your beach foot wear. So appropriate for our gorgeous climate and beach scene. Best wishes for continued success in your business.

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