Asymmetry with Copper Washers

by Nancy Vaughan.
(San Diego, California, USA)

For the past couple of months I’ve been experimenting with asymmetrical necklace designs. In the first three designs I used copper wire for one section of the necklace but on this fourth one I wanted something a little different.

I have this wonderful little box of copper washers I bought at Harbor Freight. The washers come in 5 different sizes so I decided I’d use one of each size in this necklace. I textured the washers then used the torch to get a more interesting color.

The next step was to decide what chain to use and how to use it to balance the washers. I chose an antique copper chain and decided on a double section opposite the washers. It needed some beads so I turned to one of my all time favorites….rhyolite! The focal and ear rings were using the same components. The ear rings were finished with dark copper colored niobium ear wires.

I’m not sure if I am through with this style of design. I have one more in the works that may or may not get finished. I like the idea but don’t want to make a repeat of any of the others.

Nancy Vaughan
Wicked Wire Works

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  1. This is so pretty! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very cool piece Nancy…. I especially like that you have used jump rings to connect the washers rather than drilled holes. love my visits to the hardware store – they have so many items that can be used making jewelry…. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow, I actually saw this on Etsy and kept it in mind as inspiration for an asymetrical copper necklace I am making. I especially like the drop focal. Great work!

  4. You have absolutely nailed a feminine version of industrial chic!

  5. What a great idea..I love how you used the copper washers! I need to make a trip to the hardware store!!

  6. I always love your innovative jewelry designs, Nancy!

    Your texturing and torching on the washers is a really fabulous detail. I love the asymmetry of the necklace, and the cluster pendant suspended from chain!

    Thanks so much for sharing this jewelry set with us! 🙂

  7. Sherry Hooker says:

    I love these pieces! The colors of the metal and the beads compliment each other beautifully.

    I bought washers some time ago to do a piece I had in mind, but I read somewhere (wish I could remember where) that hardware metals are not meant to be worn next to the skin and may contain elements that can irritate or react with it.

    I don’t want to design something that can be potentially dangerous to my clients. This could be embarrassing or even a killer to further sales. How do you know which hardware elements are safe?

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