A Windproof Earring Display

by Cairenn Day.
(Dallas, TX USA)

Earring board when new.

Earring board when new.

Most of my shows are in Texas and Oklahoma and many are in the spring. That means storms and winds. After chasing earrings down the street in downtown Dallas, I put my thinking cap on and came up with a ‘windproof’ earring display.

It folds, and it can be hung on chains or from hooks or it can sit on a table. Very versatile.

Earring board in use.

Earring board in use.

I started with a frame of 2 x2s, then a piece of Masonite was screwed to the frame. A double thick layer of thick quilt filling came next. Then my fabric was stapled over it and since it was a knit, it was slightly stretched.

I then use the heavy black pants elastic for the the hangers. It was stapled at one side and then it was stretched so it would press the cards into the filling. That slight pressure keeps them in place in the wind.

It has even survived the booth collapsing 3 times!

I can give more details on how it was made if anyone is interested.

Cairenn Day
The Howling Artist on Facebook

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  1. Wind can be a killer for outdoor displays and jewelry! You handled it very cleverly, and the elastic would make the earring cards easily removable as well. Great ideas, Cairenn, and your booth looks very professional!

  2. Lyone says:

    Love It!!

  3. We do get a lot of wind here in Texas. Thanks for sharing such a clever idea for keeping small items available to customers while defeating the gusts!

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