Unique Way to Use Brass Connector on Seed Beaded Choker

by Sue Charette-Hood.
(San Antonio, Texas USA)

Vintaj brass connectors "around" seed bead choker necklace

Vintaj brass connectors “around” seed bead choker necklace

I am a seed bead jewelry artist and was given a brass connector, manufactured by Vintaj,to use in a jewelry contest sponsored by theTexas Beaders Group.

I had no idea how to incorporate this piece of brass into a seed beaded design.

I searched the internet but didn’t find anything to motivate me.

Finally after hours of folding, bending and staring at this piece of brass, a little seed bead fairy popped an idea into my head … why not connect it “around” my beadwork instead of “into” my beadwork?

So I purchased a second connector, some brass jump rings and attached them “around” my beadwork.

This worked so well that I connected two more brass connectors to the first one!

Now I can’t wait to design another seed bead necklace with brass!

Sue Charette-Hood
Crystal Wonders at Etsy


Beautiful piece!
by: Rena

Just gorgeous, Sue – I totally love the colors and the way you’ve used the brass connectors.

And so cool that not knowing how the component was “supposed” to be used led to using it in a wonderful new way.

Did you win the contest with this lovely choker?

Thank you so much for sharing this inspiring creativity booster here! :o)

by: Teri Landow

That is so very creative! What a great way to “think outside the box”. And I love the colors you used, too. Very gorgeous.

Lovely Use of Materials
by: Patricia C Vener

Very pretty as well. 🙂

SABOS Member
by: Diana Harwood

Definitely another winner, Sue!
Congrats on the webpage——go girl!

by: Sue

Thanks for everyone’s comments. Contest is Jan 16th so will let you know who are the winners (lots of very talented beaders in this Texas group).

I am in AWE!
by: Carol B/Canada

What a beautiful piece, I want to touch it! I would love to own a magnificent choker like this one.

Brass Connector
by: Michelle Buettner

Very nice!!

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