My Soutache Jewelry

by Margaret.

Margaret - Soutache Jewelry -1

Recently, my passion was to create original soutache jewelry. I fascinated by this laborious technique, which is a technique I make earrings.

Soutache it’s a type of sewn jewelry, where the precision and accuracy are very important. Stones, beads are sheathed with a rainbow of colored silk strings.

Margaret - Soutache Jewelry -2

Jewelry done by me in soutache technique is suitable to be worn not only occasionally but also for everyday attire which adds shine.

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  1. Wow, your earrings look stunning ad must take ages to make and a
    lot of patience. I have never tried this technique as it looks very fiddly
    to do,but I admire people who can use Soutache.Might try it with polymer clay.

  2. Wylene says:

    Absolutely beautiful!

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