Jellyfish Earrings

by Sandy Light.
(Sarasota, FL)

Jellyfish Earrings by Sandy Light  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Art for your ears- Jellyfish earrings

These earrings are created using shrink material. I have been working with shrink plastic and colored pencils.

I love that when it shrinks it keeps all the detail of your design.

I had some alcohol ink pens and combined them with my colored pencils.

The jellyfish earrings look great with the added chain and the light shining through.

Sandy Light
Sandy Light Designs

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  1. Sandy, these jellyfish are marvelous! I love how the shrink plastic plus alcohol ink and colored pencils create the translucency, and how the chains can replicate the graceful floaty motion of a jellyfish in water. Just fabulous, and have you thought of selling these at beach resorts and boutiques? (Side note: I’m a lifelong shrinky-dinker too – I love creating in that medium!)

  2. Thank you for your encouragement. Great idea to sell at beach resorts and boutiques.

  3. Love these fun, beachy earrings…so colorful and full of movement! I agree with Rena…aquariums, beach side resorts and shops would love these for their patrons!

  4. These are very creative and cute. I live near the beach and think they would sell. I don’t work with shrink plastic but now I find it tempting.

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