Inspiraled Magnetic Jewelry Display

by Becky Blair.
(Lexington, SC)

Magnetic Folding Jewelry Screen

Jewelry card with binder clip attached,
along with a list and photos of other components.
The lighting is just clip on on lamps.

Pendant and Earring Display

My jewelry card display has served me well for about 10 years. I have two of them, one a bit larger than the other. They have been used time and again for many shows, even traveling to and from China with a move.

Despite all this, they are none the worse for wear.

I wanted something that was portable, sturdy, and customer-friendly. It generates lots of positive comments from customers.

To assemble it, I bought 2 sets of 3 identical frames at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

I found some magnetic sheets of metal at a hardware store (make sure they are magnetic – not all metal is!) and my husband cut them with tin snips to fit into the frames.

We drilled the frames on the back for hinges and attached them so the panels would fold like a screen.

I use one set of panels for my pendants, and the other set for my earrings. If I’m doing a small show, I just take one display set. On the larger set, I can fit 42 cards per panel if I really fill it, or use less if I prefer.

I attach my pendants and earrings to cards I’ve printed with my logo and contact info. To display the cards, I attach binder clips (any office supply store) to the top of each, and place small magnets (available at Lowe’s) on the panels where I want to hang the cards. I place the magnets on ahead of time, so that is already done.

I arrange the cards on the panels before the show, to plan the best placement. When I’m happy with the arrangement, I remove them and place them in order in an acrylic box with sections the same width of my jewelry cards. I believe I bought this box at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

I transport the jewelry to the show in the box with the binder clips attached, so I can quickly place the cards onto the screens as I set up.

I have holes drilled on the back bottom of the screen frames, so that I can attach L braces. This way I can clamp the screens to my tables with C clamps if it is an outside show that will be windy.

The panels are sturdy, yet thin enough that I can clamp directional lights to the top; showcasing my pieces better.

I also use the panels when I hold an open house. They can easily stand on a dining table or kitchen counter.

I keep all my display accessories in the same color scheme – black and silver.

What you need:

3 black metal frames (Bed, Bath, & Beyond)

4 hinges

magnetic metal sheets, cut with tin snips, to fit frames

binder clips for jewelry cards

small magnets

clip on adjustable lights

L corner braces and screws to attach to the back

C clamps to attach corner braces to table.

Becky Blair


Great display that solves a lot of issues
by: Rena

Lots of display problems solved with this cool and lovely system, Becky!

I love the magnet approach. What a great idea, and how much easier and more flexible it makes your display!

Also, I love displays that can be effective outdoors while still being portable, attractive and stylish. In my experience, that can be tough to achieve – and you’ve developed a wonderful solution here.

It also has the advantages of getting your work up closer to eye level, using a smaller amount of table space, and being usable at home parties.

Thank you so much for sharing this really well-thought-out jewelry display solution!

my favorite idea yet
by: Anonymous

This is one of my favorite display ideas. I like that anything magnetic is easy to remove but also attaches securely. It can also be simply changed for size and shape of the items to be displayed.

I couldn’t see how this works…
by: Anonymous

Would it be possible to have a close up picture of a card of jewelry attached to this, perhaps capturing the lights too? How are the lights powered?

Fantastic idea
by: String of Beads

I love your idea of using the magnets & large photo frames hinged together! Like everyone I’m always looking for new ways to display jewellery that’s cheap & easy to make, and shows off the jewellery!
First time I’ve been inspired to comment……thanks for the great idea!
Danielle, Sydney

More helpful info from Becky
by: Rena

Becky has kindly sent in a second photo (now posted above), showing one of her jewelry cards with the binder clip attached.

It also shows one of her lamps and other components, plus a “shopping list” of supplies for this display.

Thanks so much, Becky, for taking the time to include this additional photo and info!

Thank you
by: Connie in Seattle

I tried something different and it was very bulky. Rebar mesh folded into 3 sections. I hung the ear rings from folded preprinted card stock. On your design, I’m going to add picture hooks to the back so I can hang the display on the wall.

Thanks for sharing.


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