Brass Butterfly Garden Necklace

by Linda Tenney.
(Palm Harbor, FL)

Brass Butterfly Garden Necklace by Linda Tenney  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Brass Butterfly Garden Necklace

I love creating nature tableaus with a mix of components and so that’s how this Brass Butterfly Garden came to be.

Using all antique brass components found at popular retail outlets, I fashioned together an enamel flower bib connector, butterfly pendant, watering can charm, and clear faceted teardrop crystal, all on decorative chain.

This is a little more symmetrical than I usually do with these tableaus, but ‘necessity is the mother of invention,’ and this was the best way I could get that glistening water droplet to gracefully fall from the watering can onto the thirty blooms!

Linda Tenney
Heart of One Creations on Etsy
Heart of One Creations

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  1. Mary Ann Kidd says:

    That is an absolutely beautiful necklace. It is unique and well thought out. Good work!

  2. I love this tableau, Linda! It feels like I’ve just stepped into a charming garden in the Spring. Wonderful color use, and fun use of the crystal water droplet from the watering can. What a lovely type of wearable art!

  3. I’m usually not so vocal when one of Rena’s newsletters comes out, although I enjoy them very much. But I have to say this is such an adorable necklace! I just love the watering can over the flowers with the crystal drop! I really enjoy gardening although creating jewelry has rather taken over my gardening time! You’ve made a very creative & fun piece.

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