Zulu Tea

by Terri Wlaschin.
(Rockville, MD)

I love doing unexpected things with beads. Or, should I say having beads lead me to something unexpected.

The zebra motif on the conch shells gave me the idea of transforming seashells into something fabulously tribal… yet sophisticated enough for afternoon Tea!

Terri Wlaschin
Starseed Jewelry



Necklace and Tea
by: Rena

Very cool – I see it being the conversation piece at Tea, worn by a mysteriously elegant lady in a red dress. Is she a world traveler? A spy? A duchess? Or an imposter? The other Tea guests intend to find out.

by: Anonymous

This is one of the most beautiful shell pieces I have ever seen.

Just a point…..
by: Anonymous

O.K., so I love this necklace! The shells are lovely!
I visited the site where you show your creations, and looked at the “Eve Before The Fall” necklace. When I read your comment underneath, I noticed that you said about the “apple”. I’m afraid that it does not say anywhere in the Bible about it being an apple that Eve ate.
Like I said, I love the necklace!

by: Terri Wlaschin

Thanks for playing along with me Rena with your fun comments. And thanks to those who took the time to comment.

I guess I got busted on my Eve comment. Oh well, I am have fun perpetrating the myth:

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