Your Jewelry Studio

How to Find Space to Create

by Sally Evans.
Do you live in a small house or apartment with no room to work on making jewelry?

"The Best is Yet to Come" necklace by Sally Evans

“The Best is Yet to Come” necklace
by Sally Evans

Do you get everything out to work, spread it on the kitchen or dining room table, and have to put it all away when it’s time to eat? Or maybe you leave it out and live with the constant clutter.

Spending your precious time setting up and putting away supplies can leave you with little time to actually work – and that’s frustrating.

"Silver and Crystals" earrings by Sally Evans

“Silver and Crystals” earrings
by Sally Evans


Ideas for Creating a Space for
Your Jewelry Studio

Jewelry studio in a closet –

If you have a closet that is storing things you really never use, consider transforming it into a workspace. You can install simple shelves, a drop down table top, and a rolling cart to create a small studio. Close the doors when it’s not in use.

Jewelry studio in a corner –

You can do the same thing with a corner of a room, and hide your studio behind a pretty folding screen. You could even hang some artwork on the screen and create a piece of art. Or you can even hang some fabric or curtains from the ceiling to create an enclosed hidden workspace.

Mobile jewelry studio –

You can put a table on wheels, maybe a narrow couch table, that has a shelf underneath to store your supplies in labeled boxes. Just roll the table out from behind the couch when you’re ready to use it. Or you could have a table that is covered with a nice tablecloth and your supplies are stored underneath it. Take off the tablecloth when you’re ready to play.

"Soul Woman" pin by Sally Evans

“Soul Woman” pin
by Sally Evans


Jewelry studio elsewhere –

Rent or trade studio space in someone else’s business, warehouse, or home. This especially applies if you need to use a lot of equipment that would be difficult to haul out each time you want to work.

But it’s also a nice solution if you need a place with fewer distractions than your home. Do you know a neighbor who has an unused room, basement, garage, or enclosed porch?

Author Sally Evans is a Creativity Coach and Jewelry Artist who shares her resources for empowering you to live a creative, joyful, and inspired life.

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  • Cathy H says:

    I use a rolltop desk along with several cabinets that have drawers nearby. I have cats so this works well for me. I have two gooseneck lamps that hang over my workspace from the top of the desk. I can leave something started on the desk and close it to continue later. I also use the pullout at one side to hold my beading tray while I design, and have antique spool cabinets that I store bead strands by color.

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