Writing Jewelry Descriptions Has Become Fun!

by Debbie Mischle.
(Lapeer, Michigan)

Calla Lily Set

Calla Lily Set

First let me say that Rena’s website and newsletters have been the best educational and motivating experience I could have ever found. THANK YOU RENA!

I have enjoyed reading the articles on writing more detailed jewelry descriptions. I have always had trouble writing a “story” about my jewelry that would draw the customer in, until now. So with the information from these articles and a thesaurus my journey began.

I wrote about “fighting off the cutthroats of the business world” to your man being “dazzled” by your beauty. I actually had fun coming up with a story for each piece. As you can see…I had so much fun that I let my imagination get away on me at times.



Here is part of the description I wrote for the first necklace:

Cleopatra – Queen of the Nile, Exquisitely beautiful, extraordinary, ruler, charismatic, intelligent, lover. Imagine yourself as Cleopatra when you adorn yourself with this necklace.

Here is another description for the second photo:

Picture it. You spend the day hard at work, fighting off the blood-thirsty cutthroats of the business world. You go home and get ready for a night out on the town with your man. You put on this ultra-feminine bracelet and earrings and your man is blown away. His pulse quickens and he tells you how intoxicating you look and that you have taken his breath away….a woman’s job is never done.

Debbie Mischley


New, exciting jewelry descriptions!
by: Rena

Debbie, thank you so much for your lovely comment about my site and newsletters!

And I’m thrilled to hear that the posts on writing better jewelry descriptions have helped you so much.

I love your more exciting style of writeups. I have always appreciated catalogs and websites that inject a sense of fun, adventure, or storytelling into their product descriptions. They capture my interest and keep me reading – much more than a list of dry facts ever could!

Keep up the great work with your new exciting jewelry descriptions! And thanks for sharing this with us.

Great Ideas
by: Janine Gerade

Glad to see how other people are being motivated to write better jewelry descriptions. I have a really tough time coming up with descriptions for my jewelry. A total bland most of the time and I just list the materials instead.
Now I am motivated to go over my website!! Thanks!!!

by: Cyndi L

Brilliant, Debbie, just brilliant!

Thrilling to see this!
by: Chelsea

What exciting stories! And I love how you’ve given such a specific but all-encompassing “customer identity!” in them!

Thanks Everyone
by: Debbie Mischley

Thank you everyone for all of your nice comments. It means a lot to me. With my descriptions I not only wanted to draw the customer in, but I wanted her to imagine herself wearing it as well. My cousin asked me “where do you find this man?” when she read the second description. Haha!

So right!
by: Michelle

I read these and some other articles over on Etsy a couple of weeks back and boy, did it spark my ‘story telling’ side. I’ve found the time to change a couple of my listings for my jewelry and will eventually get them all changed over. I do believe it helped sell one piece of jewelry – that and a rather good photo (those are so important as is pointed out all the time here on Rena’s site by many people – and rightly so!).

Thanks for a great article!

Great Descriptions
by: Anonymous

Those are great. You have inspired me to write some. Thanks so much and keep up the great works.

Adventures in Jewelry Land
by: Sharon @ Gypsy

I loved, loved, loved your jewelry descriptions. They make mine sound very boring, so I am inspired to bring a little adventure to them. Thanks a million. Sharon

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