Would Morticia Wear This?

by Lynda Carson.
(Spring Valley, CA)

Let’s keep going with that classiest of haunted beauties …Morticia…she actually wore very little jewelry, maybe a single pendant necklace. What vintage pieces would she wear to that special Halloween party? Something blood red and deep black? Something vintage? Perhaps a little chinoiserie or “chinese-esque”?

This is my spin on what she might choose to adorn herself. Of course, she’d get a mani-pedi in the blackest polish and deep red lipstick.

Lynda Carson
Fresh Baked Designs



I think she would
by: Leigh

I believe Morticia would wear this and then again so would I.

Morticia’s jewels
by: Rena

She would certainly be stunning in this jewelry set! The blood red would be set off to perfection by her black gothic wardrobe.

I love the asymmetrical accent on the necklace!

yes, she would
by: Line Labrecque

I think Morticia would say “Wonderful!’ or was that her husband. Anyway, i love red and black.

by: Pauline

Stunning. The red would bring out her lipstick!

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