Wood Beads

by Tracy Martin aka. nutkitten.
(El Centro, CA)

Hi Rena and everyone.

This necklace I call Lemon Drop. I had the yellow and white nugget beads for quite awhile but couldn’t find anything to go with them. Finally I had an idea.

I have tons of wood beads (usually used them just when I would macrame). Well, I decided to try and paint them. So that’s what I did. I think the wood beads turned out looking pretty good in a necklace.

I am now experimenting by painting some more of the beads to see how the colors turn out. The ones pictured here have a gloss finish on them. The yellow ones I left with a matte finish. Also I added some fingernail decals to a couple of the beads.

What do you guys think?

Tracy a.k.a. nutkitten
Nutkitten’s Showroom
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Painting beads
by: Rena

Painting wood beads is a great idea – you can get exactly the colors and finishes you want for your project, without trying to find ready-made ones. I bet you can also make some really interesting painted wooden focal components too.

Thanks for sharing more ideas for inexpensive, creative jewelry components, Tracy!

You Go Girl!!
by: Maryanne Murphy

Tracy Hi!

The beads and painting them, complete with decals are a great idea, but what I am totally blown away by is how much you have accomplished in the past month or so!

Your website(showroom) is totally changed and just wonderful! So easy to navigate and find out how much ($1-$25) your great items are.

I also loved your “handcrafted jewelry” site, and you go girl!! Your blog!

Your photograph composition is lovely!, but I don’t understand why the images aren’t crisper. I’m sorry I can’t help you there. It was months before I found out I had a close-up focus (tulip) on my camera.

I’m so happy to see you steamin right along Tracey!

Thanks for the great idea and update.

You make my day Maryanne
by: Tracy (nutkitten)

Once again, you are so uplifting. And, you don’t know how much your great words are needed, and appreciated.

I know I am far from an expert jewelry maker, but I am trying. And I am glad you can tell.

As far as the pictures, I think my next step is to invest in a better camera. I do think the pics have gotten much better. The thing I did that made the biggest difference was really simple……… I went outdoors, lol. Taking the pictures outside made a world of difference.

Most of my jewelry is made from recycled parts. I like having to figure out how to make things work without just running to the store. (I’m sure if I could afford it, I probably would run to the store, lol) But, I kind of like the challenge.

Thank you so very much for revisiting my site. I really appreciate that. Anytime you have some input for me, I would love to hear it. You may also email me personally if you like. I think Rena passed on my email to you earlier, but not sure.

Anyway, again, thank you!!


Great idea
by: Tonie

I love what you did with your wood beads. I love the colors and design of your necklace. Maybe this is what I need to do with some of my old wooden beads. Thanks for sharing

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