Wizard of OZ Wind Resistant Display

by Cyreathia Reyer.
(Wamego, Kansas USA)

CReyer: Wizard of OZ Wind Resistant Display 1

This is my set up for the 2014 OztoberFest – our local event held every year themed around the Wizard of OZ movie.

CReyer: Wizard of OZ Wind Resistant Display 2 CReyer: Wizard of OZ Wind Resistant Display 3

Being in northeast Kansas, my display set up is always wind proof. I have battled 50 mph winds at this show as well as my April show.

Cyreathia Reyer
ReyerWare Jewelry Designs
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  • Mary Morris says:

    Your display it great. Any hints on windproof in a booth. I have 2 shows coming up that could get quite windy. If fact a dust storm shut us down early last year at one event.

  • Cyreathia, your open-wire panels look like a great place to firmly attach busts and other displays – while also allowing the wind to go through the panels instead of knocking everything down. Strong wind gusts can sure make outdoor shows difficult, but it sounds like you’ve got a good setup for handling windy weather!

  • Mary, regarding more windproof display ideas:

    Cairenn shared her Windproof Earring Display.

    And here are some more ideas: Windproof Jewelry Displays. Hope this helps!

  • Mary Morris says:

    Thanks, Rena.

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