Wired Orchid Craft Show Booth/Shutters Only

by Lorraine/WiredOrchid.
(Delray Beach, FL )

Here are some closeup photos of my craft booth I posted about previously.

A shutter slat was removed in the same spot on each panel so boards can slide through and act as a flat surface for more displays.

(Important: the shutters were turned UPSIDE DOWN, so the slats face upward.)

See even more of  Lorraine’s Craft Show Booth

Lorraine Vogel
Wired Orchid


Close up booth pictures
by: Anonymous


THANK YOU!! This helps me so much to see more of your booth. Next weekend I am doing my first ever jewelry booth and loved yours. I will be starting off with some shorter ones for a table top, but I thought your booth was beautiful!!! Now I can see just how great it really is!!

Again thanks for sharing, it is so nice to have other artists share their experiences on what worked or not. THanks!!


thank you!!!
by: Lynn W

Thanks so much for posting additional photos of your booth and answering our questions. I showed the main booth article & comments to my husband last night and even he agreed (he’s Mister Fussy Particular) that your booth display was very attractive & that I may want to use some of your shutter ideas. (And I promised he wouldn’t have to stain them!)

Thanks for being so generous in sharing your booth ideas with others.

Love-love-love this idea
by: Sally V

I think this display is stunning and I would be interested in creating something similar for myself. My question: do you anchor it against the wind in some way? Living in Kansas, we always have to factor in the wind at outdoor shows. Thanks!

How do you secure them?
by: Linda

Your booth idea looks great! I was wondering how you secure the shutters so they don’t fall over if knocked by a customer or by the wind. Love the shelves you added…do you secure those somehow to the shutters so they don’t slide out? Last but not least, when the shutters are angled (in order to stand) how do you keep the angle stationary? Do you have a bracket at the angle, do you tie them somehow at the proper angle, etc?

Thanks for sharing your idea!

Securing the booth
by: Anonymous

I too have a question on how you keep your customers or the wind from knocking over your display?
I had a display which was totally distroyed by the person next to my booth because he bumped into it big time when he was setting up his booth. Everything I had went on the floor; several pieces were broke…nice guy, he did pay for all the damage.
Don’t want to happen that to anyone else.

by: Anonymous

I am so impressed with your display!! Absolutely gorgeous! It looks super professional and expensive!!!

Awesome – Question
by: Anonymous

I realized I added my wrong e-mail for additional comments. I couldn’t find a way to fix it so I’m adding this comment in hopes that I can add my new e-mail to see if get the comments.

Awesome Booth Design
by: Anonymous

You booth looks great! I might have to try and find some big shutters. I have a similar version on a much smaller scale for my booth. I use 2 small shutters hinged together and spray painted flat black to hang all my earrings on. They work really well and give height to the table.

Good hint with the slats too. I taped mine in the back to prevent them from opening. I learned that one the hard way.

Lovely display
by: Kathleen

I have studied your booth over and over again in order to use a variation for my craft booth. I sell bags and jewelry and we have been carting around heavy framed pegboard for years. Time for a change!

We went to the Habitat Store and bought 5 sets of hinged louvered doors for $15 each. We took off the handles and my husband took one slat out of the matching ones for inserting a shelf.

I just finished painting them all white as my booth is white, pink & black. The slats should work well for hanging both my purses and my jewelry. Can’t wait to see how it all looks set up.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful booth!

Kathleen’s booth
by: Lorraine/WiredOrchid

Congrats, Kathleen on scoring inexpensive shutters! Please post photos when your booth comes together. I’d love to see how it looks. Good luck with your future sales!

I love your display
by: Anonymous

I use a car to carry everything in. The table I have is heavy and hard to carry. I have two questions.

How do you anchor for windy days, and could you hinge the top and bottom to fit into a car?

So far I am still in the open but the windbreak would be helpful for the winter days.

Securing this booth
by: Lorraine/WiredOrchid

Thanks everyone for your kind comments!

It’s important to first make sure your tent is secure. We use really big pvc pipes filled with sand. My hubby screwed a big eye hook in the top and we secure it with bungie cord to the tent in all four corners.

The shutters are hinged. There are 2 sets of 4 shutters and 1 set of 6 shutters. They fold down accordion-style when transporting (a 2 person job…they’re heavy!). This helps secure them. We also have a latch hook at the top of the fronts where the sections meet to help make them line up correctly.

Along the back of the shutters, we have thinner pvc pipe, again filled with sand and eye hooks, which run along the bottom of the shutters in the back. The shutters are also secured to the weighted tent at the top. (I don’t show all the pieces here since this was a quick set up to take photos.)

And last, but not least are solid boards that run through a space in the shutters, created by taking out one slat in each panel (right above the center panel). We cut the boards to fit, once we had our configuration of the shutters figured out. These boards are heavy enough to stabilize the display and also give a flat surface for more displays.

by: Dawn

Lorraine I was curious about what your shutter dimensions are?? Are the 36 inch wide or less?
They are stunning.

Shutter door jewelry display
by: DeVigniDesigns

This is such a fantastic idea. It looks elegant and professional. Great for home party sales!

Shutter panel size
by: Lorraine/WiredOrchid

Dawn, the shutter panels are each 18” wide.

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