Wired Orchid Craft Show Booth

by Lorraine Vogel.
(Delray Beach, FL )

Wired Orchid Craft Show Booth

After walking through many craft and art shows looking for booth ideas, I was always drawn to those with shutters used as displays.

I liked how they raised the jewelry pieces to eye level. They also seemed to be easily transported.

I’ve wanted an “Old Florida” look to my booth. Being in South Florida, I think this look works well with my location and my jewelry style. Hopefully it’s like something out of Key West or the West Indies … a real tropical look.

I bought natural closet shutters from Home Depot and stained them a deep red/brown/burgundy color (I need to give my husband some credit here. He did most of the staining!). We also stained boards to run through the shutters, after taking out slats about waist level.

(For details on the shutters and board shelves, please see Lorraine’s second post, Wired Orchid Craft Show Booth – Shutters Only.)

I have several black busts and necklace holders, which look great with the shutters. I was concerned about the darkness of the shutters, but I think they set off my jewelry well and give my booth the look and feel I was looking for.

The white tent helps reflect light. The draped fabric looks much better in person. I bought it at a great price from Joann’s. Its rich, tropical print is just gorgeous.

I completed my booth with enlarged images of my jewelry, framed in frames from Michaels and a sign from Vistaprint.com. The rug is from Marshall’s; the faux suede table fabric from Joann’s.

I hemmed and customized the black table covers so they’re well fitting and not just draped over the tables.

I bought bed risers from Bed Bath & Beyond to raise the tables, making it easier for customers to view what’s on the tables.

See more of Lorraine’s Craft Booth

Lorraine Vogel
Wired Orchid


portable shoppe
by: Kathy

I love the look of your shop design! It looks like a shop not a craft booth. Very appealing,neat,easy to shop with everything at eye level, not bending over too far.Great !

by: Kathy

Love your design. How do you keep the shutters from being knocked over if they are accidently caught by a toe or stroller?

Your display is really nice
by: Anonymous

But I wonder how much jewellery you can actually show at one time. I have over a 1,000 designs including one of a kind rings. I use the simplest things for outside and completely different for indoors. I can see you idea but it does not actually hold a lot of jewellery but it does look inviting and welcoming. Good for you you have done a wonderful job (what happens when a wind comes up) are you anchored by sandbags?

Shutter by Kathy
by: Wanda Oree

What a great look. I’m going to try this at my next vending event in october. Just one question how did you add the selves?

Very Professional for a booth display
by: Victoria

Very nice looking. I agree, your area gives the presence of a shop. Love the idea of hanging photos of your jewelry and business name. I have a similar shutter door set up, which I got the idea from one of Rena’s readers, but mine holds about thirty pieces of jewelry plus I have a head and hand display for the specialties. Good Luck! Hope this works out for you.

by: Lynn

This is easily THE BEST display I have seen on this site. Professional, easy to set up, easy to shop.

To answer the person who questions how much stock you can put out in a booth like this, LESS IS BETTER. Customers are overwhelmed with your 1000+ pieces of jewelry, and will likely NOT buy because they are on sensory overload.

I have found (especially for higher end shows) that putting less jewelry on the table and putting something new out when I sell a piece creates a more positive customer experience. It’s hard to do, but once I’ve set up, I usually step back, see what looks “too busy” and then take a couple of pieces off my table.

by: Jean

That is a great booth. How does it handle high wind? That is where my stuff on the tent walls starts to sway back and forth.


by: Michelle B.

This is one of the best displays I have ever seen – simply stunning!

I love walking in to a booth at a show and seeing things that are neat and orderly that I can view easily with out a lot of clutter.

I’m not comfortable walking into booths (or shops for that matter) where things are too close together causing me to not really see everything – so I think this idea is fabulous and very inviting because I feel that, at times, ‘less can be more’.

Not everyone feels that way though and some like ‘way more things’ to look at and tease their senses with, so I think it just depends on the individual.

Thanks for sharing this lovely design – it’s amazing!!

love it!
by: Linda Byrd

Yours is a booth that I simply would HAVE to enter at a show. I love the old Florida look you’ve achieved. Like some others, I wonder how you’ve secured the display against high wind and accidental knocks by customers.

Very Nice!
by: Anonymous

Wow! This is really pretty and I love the dark colors and the board running between the shutters to keep them from tipping is a GREAT idea! I like that the tent softens the harsh sunlight but lights up the jewelry.
Awesome job!

Love This Display
by: Chanese Brady

I’m very fussy about how I portray my jewelry and I have seen quite a few display ideas & even creatd my own unique display. I am very picky but I love this display.. Brilliant idea…

awesome display
by: Lynn W

I agree that this is one of the best displays I have seen anywhere. I’ve seen lots of shutters, but with the shelves it just adds a whole new dimension. The colors are rich and in-style. Plus, with the rug and the table its almost like a mini-kitchen area. Very welcoming. The number of displays is perfect. I really don’t care for shutters that are loaded with a gazillion cards of earrings, pins, etc. That looks like mass production to me. I want to buy something that an artist has put some time and thought and soul into.

I am in total agreement that less is more. I may lose the treasure hunter types, but that’s ok, it’s not my style.

Shutter Booth
by: Lorraine Vogel

Thanks everyone for your kind comments!

I tie the tops of the shutters to the tent (which is secured with 4 very large pvc pipes filled with sand) and put the tent sides in place, which helps block the wind. I also have more smaller pvc/sand pipes that are secured to the shutters along the bottom in the back that help weigh them down.

The boards running along the middle also help secure them (remove a slat in each shutter section and slide the board through the opening). One thing I forgot to mention is at least 2 sets of shutters are linked together using a hinge top and bottom, which helps with lining them up and keeping them together. One set has 3 sets linked.

I put the booth together in my driveway when I took this photo, trying to get into my first local shows! It’s not filled to capacity with inventory. The nice thing about this design is it’s modular and can be constantly updated (photos could even be put down below the shelves.

Don’t add too much!
by: Lynn W

What size tent is this? It looks bigger than a 10′ x 10′.

As you may have noticed from several of the comments, having a lot more inventory in your booth is not necessarily going to make it better. Pictures on the bottom might make it look cluttered. There is space on the table in the back for more inventory, but I wouldn’t do much more than that. KISSweetie!

Can I Run Away To Your Booth?
by: Maryanne Murphy

For me you have succeeded in creating a beautiful south Florida atmosphere…someplace I could run away too….which I’m sure it feels like to people who come upon you at a show. An escape. A vacation…with beautiful works or art all around them!!

Yours Lorraine is the most beautiful set up I’ve ever seen. The darkness of the wood just lends to the richness of the environment you created.

You’ve created a quiet, rich,tasteful,elegant but welcoming portable gallery for your beautiful jewelry.

Thanks so much for sharing!!

Beautiful Display
by: Dianne Culbertson

You have a very tasteful and elegant display. It looks more like a high end boutique than an outdoor booth. Nice job!
by: Nadine

Lorraine, your booth is just gorgeous. I love the dark stain and the way that you have your jewelry displayed. It looks so rich and inviting. You and your husband did a great job.

by: Nadine

How do you get the jewelry display boards to hang on the shutters?

Thanks everyone!
by: Lorraine/WiredOrchid

Thank you so much, everyone, for taking the time to comment on my booth.

Lynn, the booth size is 10’x10′. I think the photo is doing the ”fish eye” thing, where it looks larger at the front.

Nadine, the display board’s easel slides perfectly through the slat and holds the board tight to the shutter. The one problem with this is the back of the shutter shows all the easel backs sticking out a bit. The white tent side helps hide them. I usually leave the back open and don’t worry how it looks back there — no one sees that side!

It’s me Again!
by: Wanda

I have another guestion Lorraine.
How does this set up work when you do inside shows and not use the tent.

Love it!!!
by: Sosie

I do a lot of retail and wholesale shows for my jewelry and I Love your display!!! Probably one of the Best display I’ve seen.

Thank you for sharing!

Sosie Designs

Great Booth!
by: Jodi

WOW….this is a SUPER set up! LOVE your ideas with the shutters and board running through it! Great Job!!!

Indoor setup
by: Lorraine/WiredOrchid

Hi Wanda,
I’ve only done one indoor show in a ballroom. I felt very out of place with my rather rustic display and jewelry — it’s hard to compete with the ”blingy” jewelry at this kind of event.

Anyway, to answer your question: I used 2 sets (4 panels total) that are hinged together. I flattened the 2 inner panels and flared the left and right, then ran one of my smaller boards through them. The board really helps to keep the display steady. I then had a table filled with pieces. The shutters were partly behind the table and off to the right of it a bit so customers could walk up to it. If I do something like this again, I think I’ll just have a table and build it up with my small stools, baskets, etc.

more questions
by: Lynn WW

Hi Lorraine,

Another question for you! The boards that serve as shelves: how long are they and how many shutters do they connect across? Any possibility of getting a close-up photo of part of just your shutter setup?

I just looked at your jewelry on Etsy. Very nice, and it seems you are doing fairly well there. Do you relist pieces often?


Like so many before me, I love your booth. I think it is the classest booth I have seen. I would like to make thses shutter shelfs for my own.

I would love to see a close up of your panels. Your colors couldnt be better. They really make your jewelry stand out and speaks–one of a kind pieces.

Thanks for sharing. I have just started selling my jewelry after doing quilting and needlfelting for years. Thanks for sharing.


Shutter Closeups
by: Lorraine/WiredOrchid

Lynn and Jerri: the boards I use are standard 11” wide x 1” thick that you can get at the hardware store. My hubby rounded the edge of the one on the end. I set up the shutters in various ways, then we measured to see what size boards we needed. We have 3 different sized boards. I’ll post some new photos in another thread…I don’t see where I can post them here.

One more thing: you need to set up the shutters upside-down, so the slats point up. This way you can hang things on them.

And Lynn, I renew items on Etsy several times a week, if not per day. I did well until the start of summer…then nothing. Is it because of the economy? Summer doldrums? 🙂 I hope to see some sales this fall before the holidays.

Details on Lorraine’s Shutters and Board Shelves
by: Rena

Lorraine kindly sent in a second post with more details on her shutters and boards:

Wired Orchid Craft Show Booth – Shutters Only.

Thank you so much, Lorraine, for sharing your fantastic booth with us, for answering all the questions, and for sending in a second batch of photos!

Your booth is gorgeous, and I love the Old Florida feel!

Absolutely Beautiful
by: Cynthia

Just wanted to say that I LOVE this idea. This is exactly the look I have been trying to figure out and it never occurred to me to use the DOORS! I have seen the louvered shutters used in other booths, but securing them is a chore and the displays look so cluttered. Thank you so much for sharing!

Wild Orchid Show Shutters
by: Kate

They are great and your booth is so elegant, suitable for high end jewellery. I’m sure your customers love coming into browse and buy it has a nice warm feel to it.
Brilliant idea, I’m so glad you have a husband to help.

Awesome Display
by: Anonymous

This is an awesome set up! My husband is actually working on something very similar – just not as many panels. He plans to add a frame around the inside of the shutter with a hook & eye latch to keep it closed. We’ll add a thin interior foam sheet to hold the jewelry in place when the shutters fold closed. We still haven’t figured out how to deal with the parts that stick out the back when transporting. Anyone have a suggestion?

Looks great!
by: Kathleen

I have been re-working my booth this Fall and used folding panels with moving “shelves” to change heights. It looks great, very Floridian! The dark stain is so rich looking. Loving it! I’m lining my tent as we speak to really make it look like a boutique. Anything to be more attractive to a buyer!

by: Anonymous


Shutter Booth
by: Sherry Spiers

This is gorgeous! I, too, would simply HAVE to come in a look around if I saw this booth at a craft show. Love it, especially now that I understand how it’s anchored. Great job!

by: PRV

I love your display. It looks like a small store. You should be an interior decorator.
I only wish I could see close-up pictures of some important spots. I’ll check your other blog. Cheers to you

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