Wired Orchid Craft Show Booth – The Sequel

by Lorraine.

(Delray Beach, FL)

I thought I’d add to what I’ve already posted here on Rena’s site.  (Links below) I was in a craft show this past weekend and was able to modify my display since we had no one on either side of my booth.

That’s the nice thing about a modular display – it can be used in so many different configurations.

This display is really pretty easy to transport. We put hinges in between the sets of 2 shutters, so they fold like an accordion. The entire set up is: 1 group of 8 panels; 1 group of 4 panels and 1 group of 2 panels. (I think the 8 panel group is a little awkward and heavy – it could be broken up into 2 groups of 4 panels each.)

We pinched the groups where they met with bungee cords, top and bottom. There are boards that run through a slat that was removed so you have some flat areas.

We used bungees to secure the shutters to my tent, which was held down in all 4 corners with big, closed pvc pipes filled with sand and held to an adjustable strap with a huge eye hook.

The display was very secure in the wind and breezes we had all weekend, but we did have the side panels on the tent behind it, which blocked some of the wind.

I could’ve put an additional 2 or 4 panels around the single pole to attract buyers from each direction. I would do that next time. Also, I had nothing on the back side of the shutters facing the walkway.

I should’ve hung a sign and big framed prints (no glass) of some of my pieces so people knew what my tent was all about before they got there.

Please post any questions you might have!

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