Wired Orchid Craft Show Booth – The Sequel

by Lorraine.

(Delray Beach, FL)

I thought I’d add to what I’ve already posted here on Rena’s site.  (Links below) I was in a craft show this past weekend and was able to modify my display since we had no one on either side of my booth.

That’s the nice thing about a modular display – it can be used in so many different configurations.

This display is really pretty easy to transport. We put hinges in between the sets of 2 shutters, so they fold like an accordion. The entire set up is: 1 group of 8 panels; 1 group of 4 panels and 1 group of 2 panels. (I think the 8 panel group is a little awkward and heavy – it could be broken up into 2 groups of 4 panels each.)

We pinched the groups where they met with bungee cords, top and bottom. There are boards that run through a slat that was removed so you have some flat areas.

We used bungees to secure the shutters to my tent, which was held down in all 4 corners with big, closed pvc pipes filled with sand and held to an adjustable strap with a huge eye hook.

The display was very secure in the wind and breezes we had all weekend, but we did have the side panels on the tent behind it, which blocked some of the wind.

I could’ve put an additional 2 or 4 panels around the single pole to attract buyers from each direction. I would do that next time. Also, I had nothing on the back side of the shutters facing the walkway.

I should’ve hung a sign and big framed prints (no glass) of some of my pieces so people knew what my tent was all about before they got there.

Please post any questions you might have!

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  • Lorraine, I love this. It keeps getting better and better!

    The way you’ve set up the shutters makes such a charming and professional boutique – and so much of it is at eye level so it can be easily seen.

    Your shelf innovation is fantastic too, providing space for setting things that don’t hang.

    The whole setup looks so organized and wonderful to shop from!

    Thank you so much for sharing these new photos and tips with us!

  • Sharlon says:


    I love Louise’s little boutique lay-out. I am definately going to strive towards that full look…..my own little boutique…wow what a thought!!!


  • Susan says:

    Hi Was just wondering how you attach necklace frames and boards to the shutters. Thanks

  • Ann says:

    Lorraine, please don’t “feel” out of place at an indoor show. I not only attend shows as a consumer, but as a retail buyer, and I hate looking at $200 (and upwards) jewelry pieces on junk tables; no time was taken to even attempt to make it consumer friendly; and, some are simply tacky. Be proud, and make your display showcase something that the other vendors can only aspire to have; show them the professional that you are. I am always drawn to the most professional displays, because I hope that their jewelry is as great looking as the display, and the time taken to make it look great.

  • Sarah Reid says:

    I LOVE your booth design! It looks great and displays everything in a nice, organized way so nothing gets missed. I currently use smaller shutters painted matte black that stand on my table. I use them for earring displays. Lots of inspiration from your booth!

  • Ann Nolen says:

    Very classy booth, and thanks for sharing! I noticed your comment about taking two people to carry the folded shutters. I often have to set up myself, so wanted to share that another lighter option is folding screens with fabric or rice paper in the center. I have used these to hang my large vertical banners for a classy background.

    I can also make lightweight “shelves” by using small eye hooks and nylon fish line across the fabric or rice paper. Things still hang beautifully, but they are easy to carry and set up. I live where it isn’t windy so haven’t had to figure that out, but from the comments here I suspect I could just anchor them to my canopy.

    Once again, you should be proud of your beautiful set up, very impressive. You would definately draw me right into the booth.

  • Hi everybody,
    Thank you for your kind words. You’ve made me feel so much better about this not-so-wonderful show!

    Susan, I glued 2 short 3M clear plastic hooks you can find everywhere (Target, Walmart, Staples, etc.) to the top of the small black earring and necklace displays (purchased at http://www.jewelrysupply.com/). I need to figure something else out though. If not taken off carefully, the hooks will snap and break off.

    Ann, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your idea of a fabric backing in the shutters!!! The slats pop out easily and I do think the booth is kind of dark (and the shutters, heavy). I’m going to play around with this idea. Thanks for the tip!

  • Cindy says:

    I’m with the masses! I love it! I’ve seen this type of display before but not pulled off as elegantly as yours. You say “we” a lot. I work and set up all shows myself. Can you lift 4 hinged shutters yourself?

    That sounds a little heavy. Do they fit in a car or just a van or truck? How tall are they? I hope you didn’t already say. I tried to read all the posts. And I like the “more is better” approach.

    My friends tell me to put it all out so they have enough choices. But you can have too much. All of my pieces are one of a kind which is why I usually put them all out. I would be proud to have this display inside to compete with “blingy”. I bet you got plenty of lookers because of the elegance! Kuddos to you!

  • Hi Cindy,
    Yes, I can lift 4 hinged shutters myself, although I wouldn’t want to walk a long distance with them! A dolly helps. We transport them in (or on top of if it’s a local show) our Ford Explorer…I think they’d be too long to transport in a car. They are 67” tall.

    ”We” is my wonderful and very supportive hubby and myself. 🙂 I can move everything myself, but it is laborious. I’m going to play around with Ann’s suggestion of attaching fabric, or maybe a colored cork backing to at least some of the shutters to lighten them up and add some color throughout the booth.

  • Heather says:

    Hi Loraine, do you know what the start up cost was for the doors? We would like to try this in our booth but we can’t find the doors for much less than $100 for two of them. Thanks

  • Hi Heather,
    Here is a link to the $47 bi-fold door I bought at Home Depot (they’ve gone from $39 when I bought them a few years ago!).


    They are an investment, but they’re good quality and quite durable.

  • Tyesha Ellerbe says:

    How did you get the earrings to stay on the shutters? Clips? I’m going crazy trying to find them.

  • Tyesha,
    I bought some clips at jewelrysupply.com that stick on the back of my business card-sized earring card. The cards then slide on to black earring displays that I also found at this web site. The entire earring display is THEN hooked on to the shutters with basic stick-on hooks I found at Target — also found at Walmart, Staples, etc., I’m sure. I think the brand is 3M. I hope this helps!

  • Hey Lorraine,

    You mind if I copy, this is the BEST Ever!

    Rose Barden
    Riverview, Florida

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