Wire Wrapped Found Beach Pottery Pendant

by Miriam Laister.
(Normanville, South Australia)

Wire Wrapped Found Beach Pottery Pendant by Miriam Laister  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

I often find pieces of beach pottery on my local beach but they are usually plain.

This is one I found with some pattern left.

It is a small piece, around an inch across. It made this dainty pendant.

Miriam Laister

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  • A fabulous beach find, Miriam! And a beautiful wire setting to display the pottery shard. I love beach treasures made into jewelry.

  • terri wlaschin says:

    Lucky you in finding such a cool piece made even more fab by your design.

  • Rita says:

    Beautiful beach find. Looks like an old Dutch teapot design. I love it! We rarely find these now in Florida, but fun when we do.

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