Wire Crochet Bracelet Made by Me

by Graziella.
(Brooklyn, New York USA)



I discovered the concept of crocheting with wire after attending a local class. I found the technique to be therapeutic process that evolved over time, practice and patience.



I started to design a piece with 28 gauge artistic wire. Not really knowing at first what I wanted to create I continued to practice and decided on a bracelet for me.

After many trial and error pieces, my crochet bracelet started to take shape. The end result, a handmade wire bracelet crocheted in14k / 28 gauge wire.

Graziella: Wire Crochet Bracelet Made by Me 3

I’m so proud of my creation, because it reaffirmed the importance of practice and not giving up. Looking forward to sharing and learning with the jewelry making community. Thank you Rena for making this possible.


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