Wire Animals – Black Swan and a Pink Flamingo

by Kelly Tibbetts.
(Vero Beach, Fl)

Black Swan made from wire

This uses the same technique as the wire wrapped seahorses. I decided to do a black swan right after I watched the movie by that name.

The pink flamingo is for Florida. What better to represent Florida?

Pink Flamingo made with wire

I’ve been trying to think of other animals and critters that would look good using these techniques. Any ideas?

Kelly Tibbetts
Black Dog Jewelry



wire critters
by: Kate

What fun these are and lovely colours. I would like to see a poodle done like this. I think you have a winner with these. regards Kate

Wire Animals
by: DotBoo

Really nice and different !!!

by: myCorabella

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your wire animals Kelly!

I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

Possible ideas…turtle, gecko or salamander, peacock, starfish, frog, tree, bee, koala…

As I always say, sometimes bad ideas lead to good ideas, so hopefully these will inspire some good ideas 😉

Tracey M

Animal design
by: unquietdesign

A hedgehog would be perfect for that technique. I have two hedgies, and there aren’t so many decent designs of them out there. Also, when you sell these animals, you could make a portion go to that particular animal’s cause. When I buy a cat statue, figurine, piece of jewelry, etc., because I have cats, hedgies and hamsters, I often wonder if my money wouldn’t help cats more by forgoing the trinket, and giving the money to a cat charity. BUT, if I can have the trinket and get money to the cause, then it’s a win-win.

by: Anonymous

Good ideas, thanks. I’ve been working on a dog lover line where I want a portion of the proceeds to go to some charity for rescues or something similar. Our dog was rescued and she is the best doggie! I named my business for her, Black DOg Jewelry.

Very Cool
by: Barbara

Love the flamingo! I’m a FL girl too.
How about a persian- or any long haired- cat?

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