Wings N Scales

by Christina Miles.
(Vacaville CA)

Display by Christina Miles

I started out with the idea of having a painting to express my Wings N Scales business. So the wings represent a fairy and the scales would represent a mermaid.

After I made the paintings, a light came on and I converted the paintings into a display for my jewelry.

This way when the paintings were up on an easel, people would see the painting first, then see the jewelry once they came into my booth.

The paintings got just as much attention as my jewelry and I actually had a customer who wanted just the painting… I still have to work on getting one made for her.

Only thing I didn’t like after putting the glittered mesh on the backside, it was a little distracting from the jewelry, but not too bad.

The canvases worked out really nice because they are not very heavy, but I did have to find a way to secure them on the easels because of the wind. They would be better used at an inside event or if the wind is low.

But I like the fact that they are one of a kind pieces…and they do attract more attention to my booth.

I also found a really cool vase that was nothing but a bunch of holes…and put earrings on that too…really fun!

One more fun piece I used for displaying my bracelets was a beautiful cluster of seaweed my son found on the was perfect for laying the bracelets on top.

Christina Miles
Wings N Scales blog


Custom paintings to express your unique jewelry business
by: Rena


I just love your clever idea for combining your unique paintings with your jewelry display. Utterly fantastic and very eye catching!

Are you going to have a selection of prints and other items like stationery, button-badges, magnets, etc., made from your paintings to sell alongside your jewelry? It sounds like there may be a nice market for those too. I’ve discovered many unplanned products along my journey that have wound up selling quite well!

Also, photo- or collage-style jewelry with your artwork would be a neat way to combine your paintings and jewels (if you’re not already doing that).

The seaweed sounds like the perfect display for your “Wings N Scales” theme – wonderful!

Love what you’re doing, Christina, and thanks so much for sharing it with us!

Thanks Rene
by: Chris

Thank you Rene, you are so good with ideas. I never thought of making jewelry out of my paintings… I do love the idea of the altered art pins. I have many more paintings I can recreate. I have made bookmarkers in the past and gave those away as Thank you gifts…

Now my mind is thinking again…..LOL



by: Kay Lynn Wells

Chris I really admire your jewelry. I also want to thankyou for teaching me how to make jewelry. I love making jewelry and I will continue to make more.

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