Why Does My Pickle Look Slushy?

by Leslie.

Why does my pickle pot look slushy? - Q and A by Leslie

Yesterday I turned my pickle pot on and left it all day. I was going to work at my bench but got busy doing other things.

I turned my pot off last night around midnight and this morning my pickle looks like a blue slushy. I actually had to touch it to make sure it wasn’t frozen.

I stirred and added more water, but haven’t ever seen it do that before.

I just dropped in a ring shank I soldered to see if it would work… still waiting.

Does anyone know what reaction this is?

By the way – I have extra water stored in my studio in a used Woodford Burbon bottle. It’s been rinsed and cleaned and have replensihed my pickle pot with this water for a while… could that be the culprit?

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