White Leopard

by Terri Wlaschin.
(Rockville, MD)

I started with a straightforward stringing technique but felt that didn’t support the bold character of the boro glass beads.

Spent several hours last night remaking it stitched hoop by stiched hoop to ramp up the pizazz factor.

Bold boro lampwork glass beads in a white rainbow leopard motif are Redside Designs. Love their work.

Terri Wlaschin


Ooooh – so chic!
by: Rena

Really eye-catching, and a lovely combination of your artistry with that of the bead artist!

Wonderfully unique and dramatic piece.

Thanks so much for sharing this cool necklace here. It’s a nice reminder to me that some beads deserve more than an ordinary strung design!

Leopard necklace
by: Crystal Wonders

Lovely necklace and amazing mannequin. Where did she come from?

by: Angie S

Your set is VERY unique!

Thanks – about the mannequin
by: Terri Wlaschin

Thanks everyone. I love that mannequin head too although it creeped my husband out:) Got it on ebay at:

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