Whistle While You Work: Maximize Time Spent At Jewelry Shows

by Cindi Bernloehr.
(Orlando, Florida USA)

How to Maximize Your Time Spent at Jewelry Shows, by Cindi Bernloehr  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

I have been selling my hand crafted jewelry at shows and farmer’s markets for 4 years and love what I do.

I currently work 4 markets each week so keeping up with inventory is a challenge. I have developed the “habit” of making new pieces at each show.

cindi-bernloehr at her jewelry booth

I use a small tool bag and the night before a show, I plan out the jewelry I want to make and put the pieces in baggies.

I usually take 3-4 projects so I can decide what to work on based on my mood that day.

I have found that wire wrap loops are the easiest to work on in this environment and it takes the “boring” out of that task.


This re-inforces the fact that my jewelry is truly hand-made by me. It also allows customers to “browse” while I work and not feel pressure of me watching every little move they make.


I have also had people stop in and ask if I can fix jewelry because they see my tools. This has added a nice side income and generated return customers. So get a little tool bag, fill it up with a couple of projects you want to make and start to “Whistle While You Work”.


Cindi Bernloehr
WoodStone Jewelry

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