by Linda Landig.
(Olympia, WA)

Picasso marble with handmade clasp

The matte finish and random lines in Picasso Marble gives this set a very sleek, modern feel.

Picasso Marble, one of my favorite stones, is paired with garnets, and Thai cornerless cubes.

The fine silver clasp is my first handmade clasp.

Linda Landig


Picasso marble goes with nearly everything!
by: Rena

Beautiful set, Linda! I love the markings and colors on picasso marble, and the fun of matching other stones with it.

Your handmade clasp is gorgeous!

Thanks, Rena
by: Linda Landig

Thank you, Rena! I appreciate your comments, as well as your wonderful website. Such a rich resource for all of us bead addicts!

I forgot to include info about my website, when I posted the picture:
Linda Landig Contemporary Artisan Jewelry

by: Linda Landig

I just re-read the comments I wrote to go with my picture and discovered that Rena had already added a link to my web site, even though I forgot to post it. Thanks, again Rena! 🙂

I got you covered, Linda! :o)
by: Rena

I Googled to find your website and added the link for you.

Thanks for your lovely compliments! :o)

Great color combo!!
by: Rachel Shear

I absolutely love your color combo! It is such an eye catcher! You did outstanding with the clasp too! Love your work! Thank you for sharing it!

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