Where the Heart is Pin

by zoraida.
(patchogue, ny)

Where the Heart Is pin Bird’s nest inspired design

I am in love with birds’ nests. These careful, meticulous constructions created by birds has always fascinated me.

By now, I have created a whole series of them and I’m always trying to make them look authentic and maybe fool some little bird.

I wanted to make one that would be slightly different and in keeping with the whole Valentines Day thing.

This little nest pin has captured a sterling silver heart instead of the usual “eggs”.


Zoraida on artfire


Fantasy bird’s nest
by: Rena

Wonderful – I love the connection between “nest” and “home” for “where the heart is”.

Each nest you create is more fascinating than the last – I imagine you surrounded by colorful birds cocking their heads at an angle as they admire your work with their shining black eyes.

This is a gorgeous pin, rustic and precious. Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

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