What’s the Best Lighting for Beading in a Dark Room?

by Sue Scott.

What's the Best Lighting for Beading in a Dark Room?  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I am hoping someone here has some tips for getting better lighting by which to bead.

My house is old with few outlets.

My craft room in particular is dark with one small window at far end and a light bulb over the stairs and not over where I work.

I have some floor lamps near my work table but I don’t think it is enough light.

I have two small Ott lamps that can illuminate directly over my piece.

However, I think more light all around would be better.

Suggestions? Thank you.


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  • Hi Sue, for the floor and stair lights that are not on your work surface, you might try using white or daylight bulbs. Especially when your workspace is in a dim environment, it’s helpful to have bulbs that are as white as possible. Any kind of “soft” or tinted bulbs will make the area feel darker. Also, if the floor lamps have lampshades, you may want to remove those shades if possible, to let more of the lamplight out into the room. I hope this helps, and I’m looking forward to hearing the other tips you get for this! 🙂

  • Sarah S says:

    put some mirrors up around the room to help reflect the light you do have.

  • Diana G says:

    Okay, this may be out in left field, but is it possible that it’s time for you to have cataract surgery (a relatively quick simple procedure nowadays)??? It was my magic fix. If you’re edging into your “golden years” this could be what’s happening. Have you seen an eye doctor recently?

  • Val says:

    I use a daylight lamp that clamps onto my work table. It is adjustable, has a magnifier and is perfect! These can be pricey but I think well worth the investment for the comfort they bring. Sometimes when I work at night it is the only light I have on.

  • Pam Holloway says:

    In addition to my “work” lights, in the winter I use a portable, battery one from the DIY shop. It is supposed to be used for repairing cars outside at night, or in attics & basements. I lie it on its back on a shelf, it adds a lot of background light, reflected off the ceiling. And because it is not aimed at “crafty” consumers, it’s relatively cheap. Worth checking your DIY store.

  • Joanne Kane says:

    Paint the walls white or ivory. If you have an electrician in the home to do any other work, have them add a ceiling light over your work area.

  • Joybelle M says:

    I bought a USB light box from Amazon which was approx. $15 for a 9 x9 x 9.5. It is not large but it depends on the size of your items. There is a larger one for approx. $40. Hope this helps.

  • sue scott says:

    THank you for all these ideas. I will look into each one. As for cataract surgery, yes, I am in my golden years. However, doctor says that such surgery is 20 years away. But I do have floaters, about which it is inadvisable to do surgery due to risks. My daughter who is 31 also has trouble seeing, but my stress is more than hers.

    I thought of improving our lighting because I had the opportunity to do some beading at a local bead shop which has great lighting. It was so much easier and the beauty of the beads really showed.

    We have recently had two sales, one in good lighting and one in poor. I think we’ll need to get some lights for potential dark sales area. Sue

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