What To Do With All Those Designs Underway

by Willie Mae.
(Atlanta, Georgia)

Well, I wanted to stop forgetting pieces of jewelry or designs that I’d already started.

In my design studio I made sure I had a long space on the wall that was clear to accommodate the hardware I’d purchased.

Then I went to a hardware store and purchased some parts of a closet organization project. I think these are the wall mounts used to place shelves on. The strips with adjustable peg slots for adjusting shelf height by lowering and raising pegs is what I bought.

I turned these in the opposite direction of their intended use and attached them to the wall. Then I hung “S” hooks (larger ones into the little peg slots.

The exposed “S” hook facing outward is where I hang my jewelry designs in process, or if I still have loose pieces of the design I place these in a small plastic storage bag and just punch the onto the hook so every bead or finding I need to complete the design is right there at my fingertips.

I’m really happy with this idea and to my knowledge I’ve never seen it before with use of the “S” hooks. A lot of designs can be placed on one “S” hook.

A long nail can be used also and that holds even more!

I’m sorry I don’t have a picture yet, but maybe I can display it later.

Willie Mae


Great Way to Stay Organized!
by: Rena

What an excellent idea, Willie Mae! I can picture it perfectly –

A metal shelf support strip like this, only mounted horizontally on your wall:

. . . with S-hooks like this hanging in the holes of the shelf support strip:

Excellent way to stay organized when you have multiple projects and ideas going on!

Thanks so much for sharing your idea!

Great Idea
by: Arbie Goodfellow

I say a organized business… is a profitable business…
Thanks for sharing your tip.


Great Tip!
by: Rita

This is a great tip, now if I just had a wall to use it on in my “smaller than small” space!!

What to do with all those designs
by: Bev

I love this idea! Anything that makes things easier is a blessing. Thank you so very much.

Unfinished Projects
by: Anonymoussuzy

Brilliant idea! I have always got loads of unfinished things kicking around my desks. This will not only get them out of the way but keep them safer too.

Storage of UFOs (UnFinished Objects)
by: Beadifferent

I use video tape boxes and label them with labels from a label maker. They hold many tubes of beads, cabachons, findings, etc. They stack very nicely on a shelf just waiting their turn.
They can easily be reused after the project is finished.

Organization is the way to go!
by: Laurie

Great idea. The more ways we can stay organized…the better. It’s hard sometimes for creative people to stay organized. If you can do it… the effort can be very rewarding.

Great Tip by Rita
by: Willie Mae

Another consideration was to purchase one of those movable cloths racks on wheels from a discount store like Family Dollar, Dollar General or Big Lots (names here in Atlanta but they may be called something else in other areas) and just buy some inexpensive wire cloths hangers (plastic coated ones). Open up the design and just fasten it to the hanger and then hang the hanger on the rack. This would store an awful lot of projects. I didn’t do this because I want to keep my floor space clear. Maybe this idea can work for Ms. Rita.

small space organizer grid
by: Anonymous

In the kitchen section of The Container Store http://www.containerstore.com/shop/kitchen/pantryOrganizers/doorWallRacks?productId=10000729 for not a lot of money, you can get this grid. I have it on the inside of a scrapbooking armoir door. You can put hooks or baskets on it. The hooks and baskets you can get anywhere. I did find that I needed more screws to hold it from sliding down the door, but those are found anywhere.

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