What to Call This Style of Necklace?

by Sandy.

Unique necklace made with pearls, crystals, wire, a recycled earring, and more. What should I call this style?



I love creating this style of jewelry. The problem is I don’t know what style to call it.

I wonder if you can help. Have any ideas?

I love using pearls, crystals and pendants in most of my jewelry – and in this necklace I used a recycled earring for the center.

Jewels for Hope


My first thought.
by: Joyce Pleijsier

I love this piece, and before I read your invitation to think about a name for the style: my first thought was: Baroque!
I copied from Wikipedia:”Baroque (pronounced /b??ro?k/ b?-rohk in American English or /b??r?k/ in British English) is an artistic style prevalent from the late 16th century to the early 18th century in Europe.[1] It is most often defined as “the dominant style of art in Europe between the Mannerist and Rococo eras, a style characterized by dynamic movement, overt emotion and self-confident rhetoric”.
I am curious about what other people think.

I Agree
by: Maryanne Murphy

When I saw your piece I thought to myself “Baroque” too. So that makes two of us, for whatever reason Baroque came into mind. No matter what you call this style, the necklace is an absolute knockout!

Maryanne Murphy

by: Judy Feskun

Whatever you call it…I’d call it FABULOUS!!!

by: Thanks

Thank you ladies, I am looking up information on Baroque jewelry..
many sales to all.
Jewels for hope

Love the Necklace!
by: Liz Hart

21st Century Baroque? It has the opulence of baroque, but would never be mistaken for a Baroque Period piece of jewelry.

Absolutely Beautiful
by: Sheila

I always look at the jewelry and never feel compelled to comment – but this piece, OMG – it is so pretty! It is absolutely stunning! I am so impressed!

by: evio jewelry designs

I’d call it “Retro chic” to get instant notice. It’s a subjective word which can describe an artform of the past which includes opulent texture & style. You did an amazing job on this piece…beautiful flow & elegant composition. I’d buy it in a hearbeat!
Thanks for sharing 🙂

Thanks so much!!
by: Sandy Jewels for Hope

Thank you for the kind words.. I feel very honored. This necklace is going to be in a giveaway for Mother’s day. It will be on The Fashionable Housewifes blog.
Thanks again,
Jewels for hope

what is it
by: Here Today Beadworks

modern baroque?

The Duchess
by: Nasima Parr

it reminds me of Keira Knightly in the movie The Duchess. Sad film but her character was very classy like your necklace. (Two thumbs up)

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