What Should This Be?

by Lisa Briseno-Croome.

Should this be a brooch? A necklace? Or . . . ?

Brooch? Necklace? This is a large scrolled setting which I have set an oval glass cabochon on and embellished it with a stamping that I cut in half and formed around the cab.

All brass was raw brass and I used Liver of Sulfur to blacken it.

It measures 7.5cm x 5cm. It is a substantial piece.

I’d really like to know what you would make with it.

Cheers, Lisa

Lisa Briseno-Croome
WildGift Designs art jewelry at Etsy


what it should be
by: juanita

I would put one of those findings on that allows you to use as a pin or on a chaing
A Necklace!
by: Val

This piece makes me think of a brooch so it may be more fun to create a necklace around it!

Substantial Piece
by: Donna

This large focal piece requires a substantial setting. Use the openings on the sides to attach multiple strands of equally substantial brass chain and beads in red and brass. This screams to be a showcase piece! Good luck … and let us know via photo how this piece evolves!

by: Anonymous

It looks like it wants to be a necklace.
With som more red and brass bead caps. And some chain in between.

Thank you all!
by: Lisa of WildGift Designs

Thanks all for your comments. I made it into a necklace (for now). You can see it at this link. ny-image2.etsy.com/il_fullxfull.228714070.jpg

I know that I may redo it at a later date, but until then – I think it’s happy like this.

I do like the pin to chain option too. Might try this.

Thanks again.

Great Job!
by: Anonymous

I think your necklace turned out great! That was definately the right thing to do with it. I like that you added the red beads a little further up on the chain too.

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