What Kind of Ring is This?

by Mark turnbull.

What Kind of Ring is This?  1

I have a silver ring stamped 626 and it has a weird design on it.

What Kind of Ring is This?  2

I can’t find out what kind of ring it is. Could anyone help with this?

Kind regards,

Mark Turnbull

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  • KimMarie says:

    The picture is a bit fuzzy so I am guessing it is a Mayan calendar. You can look it up and see if that matches.

  • Mark, 626 or .626 stamped on silver jewelry means that the metal is 62.6% pure silver.

    As a comparison, sterling silver is stamped with 925 or .925 – meaning that it’s 92.5% pure silver.

  • Trish Stone says:

    Yup Rena is correct. That’s an interesting looking ring.

  • Colleen says:

    Looks like Mayan letters. I agree with Kim, it looks like a Mayan calendar.

  • Iveth Caruso says:

    It’s not Mayan, it looks like Hungarian runes. Unfortunately the picture is not clear.

  • Mary Anne Enriquez says:

    http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Runes. Is a good starting point to do some reseach. Rune alphabet writings are found all over Great Britain, and the outward surrounding islands. I can see some of the characters in your ring…and they correspond clearly to those regions.

    Since your name has “Scotland” under it, Mark, I would imagine, that any historical society in your region could help you not only identify the alphabet, but possibly what it says! If they cannot, then try an “occult” shop as the ring might be used for magick. It’s DEFINATELY NOT Central American, Mexican, or Mayan Culture.

  • Mary Anne Enriquez says:

    One more important place to actually find out your rings meanings: just google “rune symbols explained” where you can match each symbol with letters to form meanings.

    Also, forgot to mention that rune alphabets came from other parts of the early European and
    Nordic world too. There is much info online.

    I love history and archeology.

  • Janee says:

    Looks like the Phaistos Disk from Crete to me. Very interesting artifact.

    However they need to update their website as they have now been able to crack the code. Great find, Mark!

  • Grace says:

    try taking it to someone who deals with antique jewelry, and they might be able to give you clue about the ring. it’s very pretty! 🙂
    is it a heirloom?

  • Ira says:

    I agree with Janee. The symbols come from the disk of Phaistos. More information here:
    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phaistos_Disc .
    I have exactly the same ring, i bought it when in vacation in Greece…. they are kind of popular there. But it is interesting to say that the meaning of the symbols remains unrevealed. I personnaly adore my ring but I am sorry to tell that it is not at all an unique object, neither antique.

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