What is the Best Restringing Cord for Repairing Jewelry?

by Mary Anne Enriquez.

What is the Best Restringing Cord for Repairing Jewelry?  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I have many heavy vintage/ antique “ethnic” handmade necklaces and bracelets that need restringing.

I see that a lot of these necklaces drape really lovely due to the original cotton or hemp-like cord… but the heavy stone, metal, and glass beads have all cut the cords over time.

Some of the necklaces are tiny Native American glass beaded ones.

I do not like most metal stranded bead stringing materials because they do not “drape” loosely enough.

Also for the heavy African necklaces with 1 inch wide handmade glass beads, or rough cut stone beads… most cords are not up to the task.

I wear my jewelry daily, and more than once, a prized necklace has broken, and an hour is spent at work on hands and knees searching for all the pieces.

I have been researching all the beading cords out there, and it’s confusing.

I am not about to add jump rings, wire, or chain as that would alter the jewelry.

I want to repair the items to look and feel as they did when they were first made.

I do not want to change their inherent folk art beauty.

Clearly, I am in need of a wire beading cord with extremely fluid draping qualities for the smaller pieces, and a thicker wire bead cord for the heavy pieces.

But which ones?

Any info on specific cords would be helpful.

Oh – the jewelry all is simply strung on the cord… no “beading techniques” used.

Mary Anne Enriquez

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