Wearable Color Chart

by Irene McIntosh.
(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

Wearable color chart bracelet lets customers see the available crystal color range in person

I’ve picked up plenty of helpful tips since I started receiving Rena’s Newsletter so I thought it was time to share as well.

At a jewelry party this past week, I introduced a new crystal bangle bracelet and got an immediate custom order. It’s the subsequent discussion about color preferences that was the inspiration for this sample bracelet.

After a quick run to my local supplier the next day, I picked up one of every shade available for colored crystal cubes I would use and made a series of single-loop dangles on head pins. They were strung on a foot of memory wire with seed bead in between to space them to hang properly.

The end result was a color chart that I can wear to future jewelry parties to make it easier to finalize orders.

The crystal dangles would also be quick to remove and replace as color palettes change.

A particularly nice bonus – prospective buyers can try the bracelet on to decide which colors they’d like.


Irene McIntosh
IMc Accessories


Color sample bracelet
by: Rena

What a great tip, Irene! I know that people can definitely choose colors much more easily when they can see actual samples of the item (compared to seeing a printed version of the item in a catalog or on a webpage).

I imagine this nifty little bracelet is going to be an effective tool for helping you close a lot more custom orders.

Thank you so much for sharing your excellent idea with us!

by: Janine G

Fantastic idea- I have a hard time trying to explain ab and abx2 finishes on my crystals and how they are not always what they are labeled ( for example–Sawrovski Mocca abx2 is BLUE!!!)-this helps a whole bunch.
Thank you!! You will probably sell a few of them too:)

Wearable Color Chart
by: Tricia – Bead Booty

Fabulous idea!!!

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