Wear your jewelry every day and always have your business cards with you!

by Gosia.
(Ludlow, Vermont)

Me, my dog and my jewelry

Me, my dog and my jewelry

It sounds very simple but it really works. I wear my jewelry every day, no matter where I go I always wear at least one piece of my own jewelry. It is a great FREE advertisement.

I also always have my business cards with me. Whenever someone compliments my jewelry I reach into my pocket or purse and hand them my card. I have sold a lot of jewelry this way. People stop me very often when I’m shopping, having lunch or dinner at the restaurant or even when I’m walking my dog.

I have been designing and making jewelry for over 3 years. I use sterling silver, gemstones, Swarovski crystals and glass beads. My jewelry is perfect for day and evening; no matter what you wear it is going to look nice and elegant.

Jewelry by Gosia


Great strategy (and handsome dog!) :o)
by: Rena


I so agree about wearing your jewelry everywhere! The first jewelry party I ever did was the result of wearing my jewelry while volunteering at my son’s school.

But I almost didn’t wear any jewelry that day at all! I was running late, and on the way out the door I snatched up the necklace I’d worn the previous day (it was still sitting on top of my jewelry box, as I hadn’t put it away yet).

Ironically, this necklace didn’t really even match the outfit I wore that day. :o)

But it caught the school librarian’s eye, and she invited me to do an after-school jewelry party for the teachers and staff.

I think that when people actually see your jewelry “in action” on you (or someone else), they can imagine themselves wearing it too – more easily than when they see it in a display.

Thanks for sharing your great tips, Gosia!

And your dog looks like a wonderful companion.


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