Vintage Jewelry Redesign Tips

by Megan Craig.
(East Tennessee USA)

Peter Pan Collar Necklace with Vintage Bow Brooch

Peter Pan Collar Necklace with Vintage Bow Brooch

Vintage jewelry has an undeniable timeless charm. When we want to refashion it into another piece, however, it’s hard to re-imagine it out of its context. I’ve been doing a lot of refashioning and re-imagining lately. Here are a few tips:

1. Get Inspired – From Pinterest and fashion blogs to online and print fashion catalogs, immerse yourself in visual inspiration. Don’t look for pieces to copy, but for pieces whose silhouette intrigues you. This will help you see the potential in your vintage jewelry.

Tassel Necklaces with Vintage Keys & Trinkets

Tassel Necklaces with Vintage Keys & Trinkets

2. Dig, Dig, Dig! – Get to your local thrift store, antique mall, or estate sale and work those shopping muscles. Look for pieces with easy way to fasten other components (like filigree, for instance). Bonus Tip: Check the outskirts of town for better prices on vintage goodies.

3. Play Around – Sit down at your work table with your vintage pieces and other supplies laid out in front of you. Move the pieces around, turn them upside down, set them next to beautiful beads and any other elements you love to use. With all the dreaming and scheming you’ve been doing, you’re sure to re-imagine that funky old brooch into a beautiful necklace your customers will drool over.

Delicate Gold-Plated Necklace with Vintage Earring

Delicate Gold-Plated Necklace with Vintage Earring

Megan Craig
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  • Doris says:

    I am also using brooch to make necklaces. Would you share with me how you are doing yours? I can do that but I want to be able to remove the necklace if someone wants to wear it as a brooch. I am also buying pieces that can be a brooch or a hair clip at Hobby Lobby. The last 2 I bought has beautiful feathers and gold with black in the center.

  • Great tips, Megan, and I love the “new old” pieces you’ve created! My favorites are the tassel and key necklaces. Thanks for sharing this inspiring post with us! 🙂

  • Liz Juneau says:

    Great tips Megan on collecting and using vintage parts to create jewelry. I have found many non-jewelry components are the foundation for unique designs, such as keys.

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