Victorian Steampunk Bracelet with Swarovski Stone and Chunky Chain

by Nicole.
(Longwood, Florida USA)


Hi Everyone, my name is Nicole. I just fell upon on your site, Rena, what a wonderful place to hang out. I have so enjoyed seeing everyone’s beautiful pieces.


I’m a Steampunk artist who enjoys designing jewelry in the form of DIY jewelry kits. I don’t know why, I just like to share what I’ve learned with others. When I hang out at the local bead shops I always hear…”I just don’t know where to start!” So many times I see ladies buying parts and pieces and saying they got home and forgot what they wanted to make. It made me realize that I did the same thing, hummmm, maybe I could help others with their design.


So, I started putting my energy into designing a piece, and analyzing each step involved. Then I took my administrative skills to formulate photographic instructions to guide them to completion. I’m finding it rewarding helping others create beautiful things.

I love to work with old parts, vintage buttons, and even antique beads. Chunky chain seems to call my name. Many of my pieces have a lot of chain mixed with Swarovski bling.

Here’s one of my designs. I call this design “Diana”.

Thanks for reading my intro.



Great idea for the kit
by: Anonymous

What a great idea to package up a kit for those who are not quite ready to start. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Beaded Jewelry Kits
by: Nicole

Thanks A, for your very kind response.

I wanted to help ladies create beautiful jewelry without having to spend a lot of money. Seems I see so many ladies going in circles buying products (beads, pieces and parts) and not being able to complete a project. It caused me to see my on frustration of going to bead shops, spending about $50 or $60 and getting home only to realize, I still don’t have what I need to get this piece made! I just thought that by designing kits, they would have everything they need to assemble a beautiful piece. Seems to be making ladies happy, which gives me great pleasure to see them love their new bracelet, necklace or earrings.


Wonderful piece
by: Ana

Just wonderful, full of charm. And what a great idea to register the process of making your designs, thank you for sharing.

Victorian Steampunk Jewelry Kit
by: Anonymous

Thanks Ana, for your kind comments.


Steampunk / Victorian Jewelry Kits
by: Rena

Nicole, thank you so much for your kind compliments! So glad you’ve found us here, and introduced yourself!

I love your unique twist on Steampunk jewelry.

Your kits look like they’re wonderfully packaged (in the last photo above). What a great idea!

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