Victorian Mystery Necklace

by Kristine Schroeder.
(St. Germain Wisconsin USA)

For a Victorian Lady's Jewel Box

For a Victorian Lady’s Jewel Box

I love to take inspiration from antique jewelry and re-interpret it in jeweler’s wire.

I wanted this necklace to look like I reached back 120 years and took it out of a Victorian lady’s jewel box.

The garnet beads glitter with every movement. The sterling silver chain and clasp are also handcrafted by me from jeweler’s wire.

Kristine Schroeder
Wire Sculptress
Wire Sculptress on Etsy


Victorian mystery and magic
by: Rena

LOVE this gorgeous piece, Kristine! It might be one of the clues in a Sherlock Holmes mystery.

Your wirework and handmade chain are exquisite as always – and the garnets are lovely in your design.

Queen Victoria herself would be eyeing this one.

Thank you for sharing this gorgeous necklace here!

Victorian necklace
by: Joan

This is beautiful – looks antique and modern at the same time!

oh wow
by: Anonymous

that necklace is so beautiful….I catch my breath just looking at it…..

Never give up
by: Chris

I went to all your sites to look at your beautiful designs and you are a wonderful wirework designer! I also read where your husband is having problems and I wanted to let you know I am saying prayers for him as well. In this hard day and age we need all the prayers we can get! I too have had rough times over the last three years as I was hit by a truck while flagging traffic on my job which changed the course of my life forever. I have started to make jewelry and have not beed as fortunate as you to have quite the luck with selling as you. I live on the east coast and just can’t seem to get the right avenue for selling. I love to wirework as well and if you have any ideas as well as materials for teaching could you let me know through here? Love and prayers! Good luck to you and your husband!

by: Tanya

This necklace is gorgeous. Your vision–the ability to see how you want the end to be– is wonderful!

Thank you all!
by: Kristine

I want to sincerely thank everyone for all the kind words!

Specifically, I want to answer Chris: I was thinking about you all morning, and want to offer as much encouragement as I can. If you haven’t already, go to,, or right here at Rena’s place. These are all great people who can help you, especially if you’ve hit a brick wall in your skill development. Also, subscribe to “Step By Step Wire Jewelry”.

I’ve been making wire jewelry for almost 10 years. At least twice in that time, I’ve been literally minutes away from quitting. But I can’t NOT make jewelry. Don’t you give up either!

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