Victorian Flower Garden

by Joan Williams.
(Springfield, Missouri USA)

Handmade bracelet in hand-decorated gift box

Handmade bracelet in hand-decorated gift box

For this vintage style bracelet I linked flower charms together, glued a flatback crystal in the center of each and added dangles of Swarovski crystals and filigree beads.

I also stamped and decoupaged a matching gift box, which was as much fun as making the jewelry!

Joan Williams
Lilruby – jewelry design and more at Etsy


Your bracelet and gift box
by: Kathleen Davis

I sure do love your bracelet- it has an old world feel to it. And making the gift box was just really nice too. I dont know anyone who would not want to receive such a lovely gift.

Reply to comments

Thanks so much Kathleen – I really love to create antique looking pieces!

Gorgeous Bracelet!
by: Jan

Kathleen – the bracelet is absolutely beautiful – very nice use of color of crystal with the metal of the flowers. And the decorated gift box goes perfectly with it. Very nice touch!

Why not sell the boxes too?
by: Virginia Vivier –


The combination is lovely. Makes the gift so special.

I was just thinking, you are so good at designing boxes, maybe you could wholesale them to boutiques? Hand-made gift boxes would be a very unique item for high-end gift shops. Each one could be different and shouldn’t cost much in materials. Just needs your creative touch!

You never know….it could be fun.

Tucson, AZ

Thanks for comments
by: Joan

Thanks to all of you for your kind comments! I also love your idea, Virginia, and will give it some thought. Thanks again!

Thanks, Rena!
by: Joan

Thanks for including this in the jewelry display and packaging ideas section – I appreciate all you do to help me and all the other designers!

gift box
by: Jen

What a great idea for gift boxes! It gives your customers that extra touch that shows they are special! Your jewelry is beautiful!

by: Janine Gerade

How nice to get 2 gifts in one! I am sure your customers use the boxes all the time, I would!

reply to Jen and Janine’s comments
by: Joan

Thank you both for your comments!

by: Mohsin Nawaz

This article provide a great information about flower gifts. Flowers are a great sample of showing your love to others. Its a great idea for any Occasion.

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