Vibrant Colors!

by Peggy M Johnson.
(Hardesty, Oklahoma USA)


This past month, I seemed to be doing more bracelets. They each have a different look and feel.

I usually have to think, organize, and filter the right design and color scheme first off mentally.

My pieces consist of glass beads, metal beads, pearls with neat looking embellishments. These embellishments add that flare of uniqueness and fashion.

My colors range with each bracelet, either a mixture of colors to wear or a strong solid color.

At first I played more with feminine colors, which I like to say because that’s how I feel with such colors as magenta, purple, and pinks. But my latest piece was a bright orange!

I am quite happy where my jewelry designing has taken me so far. The time and effort has been worthwhile.

I’m grateful towards those who appreciate handcrafted items, especially in this arena of jewelry beading and designing.


Peggy M Johnson


Looooooove your use of color!
by: Rena

A simply smashing bracelet – bold, warm, stylish, and a fabulous accent piece.

I often find that vibrantly colored jewelry sells very quickly. Not sure if it’s because it jumps out and catches people’s eyes, or if people are just drawn to buy something different and bold.

Anyway, keep up the great color experiments! Excellent stuff!

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